Easter Basket Essentials

If you’re parenting through this pandemic, I know we’re in the same boat in that our top priority is keeping things as normal as possible for our tiny humans. It’s been all I could do not to pretend Easter is today to bring the excitement of an Easter egg hunt, and see the joy of Grey opening the contents of this basket from his favorite bunny. Here’s what we’re planning for our quarantined Easter (and there’s still enough time for you to put it together, too if you haven’t already):

I had this basket made for Grey for his first Easter – and four years later, it’s still going strong. There are so many customizable options on Etsy (and a great way to support small shops during this crisis!). I love these little cuties (SO inexpensive!), and this one is really similar to Grey’s!

I don’t know about the little people in your life, but our kid goes bananas with sugar. He has quite a bit of natural energy to being with, so we try to limit candy for realllly special occasions 😆. You might notice that we only included two chocolates. He loves the Kind truffles with the little toy inside; and what’s an Easter basket without a chocolate bunny?

Mark my words, this Farting Animals Coloring Book is going to be his favorite find in the basket. Because, #boys.

He’s also obsessed with being a tiny comedian, so we snagged this Easter joke book. I snuck a peek before I popped it in and it is so fun!

We’re finally pushing through the stick figure phase (who am I kidding, I’m still in it), so we included this little How-To book for our budding artist. Super affordable and will be hours of quiet time! 🤞🏼

Have you seen these activity kits? I love them for road trips, when you’re out to eat, or going on vacation (someday). And let’s be honest, we’re home for the foreseeable future, so we need all the activities we can get.

In the toy department, we threw in a Morphimal (great sensory toy!), a fighter jet kite from Costco (can’t wait to bring it to Lake Michigan), and here are some of the eggs we’ll hide for the Easter egg hunt (see, no candy, but still fun!).

We’d love to hear the contents of the basket you’re putting together now, or the thing you loved the most from when you were a kid. Share with us in the comments below. And as always, thanks for spending a little time with us today. You make us so hoppy! 🐰

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