What You Need to Know About Selling in Spring

If you go by the calendar, spring has sprung. But has it really? My friend in California is posting the most gorgeous photos in wildflower fields, picking ripe, juicy oranges, her kiddo frolicking on the beach. Meanwhile, we’re still shoveling snow…with more in the forecast. So when you hear that spring is the best time to list your home, what does that really mean for you? Judging by the intro, it depends. Here are a few other factors that come into play:

Price Range. If you’re in a hot price range, namely the first-time buyer range, you can essentially list and sell your home anytime. These buyers are ready and waiting year-round for a home just like yours to come on, and don’t mind strapping on their snow boots for a showing. If you’re ready now (and have crossed off all the items on the #PackPunchList) – list it! In many of the real estate markets we follow across the nation, inventory is LOW which means you’ll have your pick of buyers and hopefully multiple offers!

Curb Appeal. If we’re hopping up a price range or two, we’re going to narrow our pool of buyers that can afford to make an offer on your home. The buyers will be more discerning, and you will need to pull out all the stops. We’ll get to the full list in another post, but for the purpose of listing this season, it not only needs to read spring on the calendar, but on your eyes as well. We talk often about having a mere eight seconds to make a first impression – that all happens before the buyers get out of their car. So in your driveway the view to your house must exude sunshine and warmth, bountiful urns of flowers, fresh paint, gleaming windows, and clean walkways. Same goes for the photos and video (!!) of your listing. Especially if you live on a nice lot, you want to showcase your gardens, yard, and fantastic curb appeal with quality photos, and drone shots to get them to even consider scheduling an in-person showing. Does this all just miraculously happen when “spring” comes. Nope. We’re talking almost summer for you.

Comps. No matter what price range you find yourself in, it’s important to take a look at your competition. Gauging the market *months* before you intend to list will help you choose the best time for you. A Realtor can absolutely help you with this one, but we know you can figure this out on your own as well. How many signs do you pass when you do school drop off in the morning? Are they feeling stale or moving quickly? Is there anything like your house on the market today? The best time to list is the time when you have the fewest comps. You want to be the house every one is lining up to see. Not getting in line with the rest of them.

Mood. Something else to consider is the current mood. You know how on a sunny day everyone is nice to everyone else? Waving to neighbors, tipping the barista a little more? That’s the mood you’re looking for when you list your home for sale. Not impending doom, a nor’easter is blowing a foot of snow over the weekend for your Open House. Perhaps not when the stock market is at an all time low and people are fearful for the future. Maybe not when the political climate is especially tense. Some of these factors are out of our control, but when you can, wait a few weeks and see how it changes. Many times you’ll be happy you did.

And remember – there is no magic one fits all slot on the calendar for listing. The truth is, when you’ve gotten your home as updated, clean, and salable as you can – it will sell. When you price it right – it will sell. There are buyers every day of the year, that have to move for any given reason. A bum for every seat so to speak. Check off all the items you can, then trust you’ll sell when it’s time.

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