Walkthrough Wednesday: Flip Edition

Flip has become a dirty word. And I totally get it. It’s kind of like a cuss word – it’s all about the intent behind it. Funny when said in jest by your 80 year old Gram (or sweet, innocent two year old) but not so funny when a driver screams it out the window at you when you stop mid-street to save a squirrel. You get me?

A design client of ours asked us to check out their summer house that they purchased recently from some flippers. They wanted to know what was done well, what they might need to change, and some ideas to personalize it along the way. Come inside with us for a tour of this cute cape, and we hope you take away some real estate nuggets and a sneak peek at some of the design trends we think you’ll see a lot more of in 2019!

Without further ado, here’s Walkthrough Wednesday presented by Busch Products and Cambria!

Video Partner: Call of the Loon Productions! www.calloftheloonproductions.com

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