Walkthrough Wednesday: Bloopers and Behind the Scenes!

Pinch me. I cannot believe we are celebrating ten full episodes of Walkthrough Wednesday already! Why do we do this, you might be wondering. It started last year when I would tour a different real estate listing each week and take everyone along with me on my insta stories. It’s always better with friends, amIright? Then people would send messages with questions and suggestions on which house to tour the following week, and I thought, what if we made this a regular thing? I wear a few different fedoras. Realtor. Home Designer. DIY’er. Spokesperson. Why not combine them? And the one hat I do not wear is “funny”. But my husband does, and wears it well. So since he’s that and so much more (handyman, Realtor, all around awesome guy), I asked Jon to come along. And it wouldn’t look as shiny and cool without the help of our unbelievably talented friends at Call of the Loon Productions. They do such a bang up job and help us elevate our game each week. Jake, Kristen and Tonya are the very best around.

So today we’re popping bottles and tossing confetti as we share some behind the scenes moments and big belly laugh bloopers to cheers to the first 10…and 10,000 ahead! Here’s Walkthrough Wednesday, presented by Busch Products and Cambria!

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