Tuesday Tip: No Outlet

You might be thinking “prop photo” when you see the kitchen above. Actually, this was a real day when I was enjoying my favorite green smoothie and prepping dinner. Ahh, all that fresh farmer’s market bounty has me craving summer. But if you were thinking “props” you weren’t entirely wrong. Look back toward the left of the stove and you’ll see a toaster. That my friends, is indeed a prop toaster. It works, but if you look closely it still has the plastic packaging on the back because my husband has dubbed it the “good” toaster that is too nice to use. No, really. My parents came for Christmas and had the audacity to put slices of bread in it and leave crumbs. Jon just about lost his mind. Do you have anything like that at home or is it just us?

Anyway, it’s also a “prop” because there are no outlets on the back wall which brings me to the point of this post. Look around your kitchen. Chances are you have more outlets than you need. This is a huge pet peeve of mine in kitchen design. Plugly, really. Sure, the whole point of a kitchen is to cook in it and for that you may need to plug in some counter appliances. BUT. How many do you really use? Chances are you could get away with two. The reality is you have to be a surgeon to get the tile score lines and outlets to look just perfectly so and it ends up drawing all the attention away from your design and straight to your plugs (no, Jon, I’m not talking hair plugs). So I ask that when you start planning for your future kitchen, hide the outlets! We chose a four plug electrical box on one side of the island and then did another four plug on a side wall. That’s it! And you know what? I don’t miss having more. Instead, the focus is where it should be – on that stunning feature wall. There was no way that marvelous Carrera marble hexagonal tile was sharing space with plugs. Ew. I cringe at the thought of it!

#NixonPack Tip: Camouflage the outlets by tucking them under the upper cabinets (if you have them). Or, you could hide them in/ on the side of the cabinets or island. Many cabinet makers are now building stealthy little drop downs there as well. My favorite is a designated cabinet made just for your coffee pot, toaster, etc. If all else fails, find a decorative plate cover that blends best with your kitchen design and do as few as possible. How have you hidden your outlets? Share with us below!

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