The Recipe for Every Room

It doesn’t matter if we’re designing a living room, basement, or laundry area – whatever the space, we follow a special mix of ingredients to build the perfect flavor for a space. Here’s the #NixonPack Recipe for a Room:

Greenery – Plants are having a moment right now. Specifically fiddle leaf figs, and succulents. I see the fiddle leaves allll over my Instagram feed. While they are pretty, I’ve heard they can be a bit temperamental. And this chick? Not a plant lady. Just a wannabe. So I will stick with my fake from Hobby Lobby succulents and my snake plants (impossible to kill FYI), thankyouverymuch.

Softness – This is a non-negotiable. It can come in the form of sheer curtains, chunky throw blankets, Mongolian faux fur pillows. Any of those will help you achieve that feeling like the space is giving you a big, warm hug.

Mixed Metallics – Gone are the days of matchy-matchy. At least, IMHO (“in my humble opinion”, or if you’d rather, “in my house obviously”). I am really into copper right now. Specifically, vintage copper. OK fine, I’m borderline obsessed. But I’m also gaga for gold. That combo together makes this house shine like a pop star (Eh, country music star) in their best stage ensemble but maybe they’ve been around the block a few times and have that gorgeous vintage patina (Reba? Shania?). You with me on this one? My point is this. Don’t feel like you can’t use a bronze tone in a room where you have brushed nickel. In fact, that combo is exquisite. Give it a try, live with it for a little, and I promise you’ll come around.

Wood – Jon and I were furniture shopping for our first home in a dank, massive warehouse that smelled like moldy basement, but at the time it was all we could afford. Who am I kidding? Credit cards were maxed because we were way too broke for a house, but hey, the dogs needed a yard and we had to have someplace to sit. Anyway, I’ll never forget what Bob the salesman told us when I said I didn’t like that the wood on the sofa legs didn’t match the wood of the coffee table. It was a package deal (by the way – never ever buy a set, it has zero personality). Bob said “wood’s wood”. Jon and I shared a secret eye roll, he just wanted the sale. But years later? Bob was right. We repeat it on the regular. Wood doesn’t have to match. In fact, it shouldn’t. The more you can mix different grains, colors and finishes in a space, the better. This gives you more depth and more layers to love.

Texture – This ingredient is my favorite. It’s the one missing link in so many homes we tour. For this element, think woven baskets, a sherpa (faux!) hide over a jute rug, a juju hat, macrame wall hangings. The more, the merrier. Here’s where you can insert a new trend and swap it out as you please. Texture adds so much to your design, and can give guests a glimpse at your spunky personality. Run with it!

Something Old – By now you’ve probably picked up on my love for all things vintage. I have so much appreciation for items that have a history and come with a long lineage of love. Vintage art, furniture, knick knacks, you name it, they add that je ne sais quoi to a home. You don’t need all the oldies giving you that old Aunt Mame’s house museum feel. Just a few will do. This helps to create a well traveled, cultured, lived in and homey vibe to the space.

Secret Ingredient – Something unexpected that brings you joy. I like to add one thing to every room in the house that puts a smile on our face. In the kitchen, it’s the blue appliances. They’re pretty out there and cheer up the most dreary day. In our laundry room, it’s a dry erase board where we leave silly jokes and sappy love notes for each other. In Grey’s room, it’s Jon’s confirmation cross. In our bedroom, it’s an etching of an owl we got on our trip to Belize. It can be anything, large or small, that’s just for you.

So there you have the #NixonPack recipe for a room. Do you have something to add for a little more flavor? Share with us below!

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