The Mural of the Story

You’ve heard wallpaper is a nightmare big commitment. We covered that, right? I’m still a fan in most cases. But what about a mural? When and where does that work in your home? For us, it was never something that we remotely entertained until I was pregnant with our little guy. I spent more hours than I should really admit to pouring over Pinterest to find something, anything, that inspired me for Grey’s nursery. I wanted it to be fun, a theme that would take him from babbling baby to having a “girls have cooties, do not enter” sign taped to his door. We love all things Chicago and from our time living here had acquired some really cool pieces that just so happened to be exactly what I was envisioning. Sometimes you already have what you need, you just need something to bring it all together.

Enter, the idea for the mural. I drew up what I was hoping would come to life on the wall. I wanted to include the river and a kayak to bring back memories of almost getting plowed down by a double decker cruise ship one adventurous Saturday. Of course we also needed to sprinkle in our favorite doughnut shop, because, hello, donuts are life. And then highlight the spectacular architecture and some cool fighter jets for our little man. Who could paint this picture in my head? Certainly not this gal – stick figures are my forte and that’s where my paintbrush skills start and end. Thanks to Mr. Google I found several options and “interviewed” them via email. My first choice was an artist who was so booked he couldn’t possibly make it happen before Grey’s birth (and was way over budget) so that wouldn’t do. It needed to be ready months in advance. Am I right, moms? So my next option was this lovely grandmother who wasn’t totally sure about the skyline (burbs dweller) but would give it her “best shot”. Eeeeeeek. She was incredibly affordable and could do it the next day. You’re hired! Jon thought I was slightly crazy (but Kay, she doesn’t know the buildings!) but decided against pushing the issue because he was not messing with this preggo. Smart man. She spent fourteen hours (14!) on her feet, with one bathroom break and no snacks – who can go that long without snacks?! – to finish this masterpiece and it is perfection. I am so in love with it. And I have to tell you, I am not sick of it and don’t think I ever will be. Mr. Grey Mitchell Nixon is turning one next week (waterworks!) and I have spent countless hours each day rocking, nursing, reading to him and changing diapers with this city smiling down on us all the while and it is pure JOY.

The mural of the story is – a mural can be just what a room requires, it just needs heart and purpose in a place where you need it the most. I’m not saying paint Napa Valley in your kitchen because you love wine. But maybe do just that if it will bring you joy and make you smile every time you glance at it. Do you have a mural in your space? We’d love to hear about it!

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