The Amazon Finds We Buy Over & Over Again

Whenever we get an opportunity to support a small shop, or a neighborhood gem, we take it. We love being a part of this community, in all forms, and love championing the little guy as often as possible (because we’re the little guy, too). But for certain purchases, it makes life so. much. easier. to click the buy now button on the amazon app instead of hitting up multiple stores around town. Here are a few of our favorites that we not only think are the best deals, but also must-haves in our home:

This beacon of health! As it turns out, we’ve purchased these gummies 18 times 😆. And I absolutely credit them for keeping the Pack on the health train despite the constant cold & flu season you live through while having a tiny human in school. Speaking of, we have these on a repeat order as well. Subscribe and save is a game changer!

Spritz for life. If you have a Nordstrom Rack near you, you may have noticed these on your way through the checkout in the mini size. I never thought I needed a little face mist; but once you know, you know. This acts as a makeup setting spray, a pick-me-up glow throughout the day, and also as a bit of a calming spray when you need a second. I use it on my hair for fly aways, or after the gym, and it feels like the bottles last a lifetime! Highly recommend!

Clean Soap. We’re trying to make little shifts here and there to slowly eliminate all of the toxins and chemicals in our cleaning products. One that was most important to me was our dish soap, since that’s what I use to wash all of Grey’s dishes, lunchbox, and water bottles. Amazon just told me we last purchased this refill in early December and it’s still going strong.

Hair be Gone. Although we have a handful of rescue pups, we never wanted to be those people perpetually covered in dog hair (we probably still are 😏). But we do our best not to let our house guests leave covered thanks to this little doohickey (and the mitt you keep seeing is included!).

These glasses are a NEED. I know a lot of people grab their tableware at Target, but since I have not stepped foot in one in years (I know. Craziness!), I have the *best* luck with home goods at amazon. Take a look at these gorgeous glasses. I’m still swooning for them. I love the texture, the color, and the vintage feel with an updated vibe. Great price, and very on trend right now! If blue isn’t your jam, have a look at these lovelies!

Go for Faux! No matter the room, this faux sheepskin rug will elevate it! Whether it’s in our own home or a client project, we keep reordering these to add some texture and some glam to a space. Perfect for bathrooms, layering on another rug, next to the bed, in a walk-in closet, thrown over a chair – SO many uses and less than $20!!

Have a favorite find you can’t get enough of? We’re always on the hunt for new goodies! Share with the Pack below!

PS – We *may* earn a small commission from some of the links you saw above. We take pride in **only** recommending products we love, and purchase with our own money!

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