Sunday Scrolls: September 20th

I’m doing a challenge today, and if you’re game to join in, I would so love a partner in crime. Well, a partner in praise I guess it would be. Last night I got into this overwhelmed funk and was complaining more than usual. I woke up this morning and decided I would not allow myself to say one negative thought out loud today, and instead, find a way to spin it for good. Studies show this small switch once a week can make us more aware of how often we skew negative, and how it impacts not only us, but everyone around us. It’s a beautiful day for a beautiful day, don’t you think?

Make It.

Now tell me this delicious goodnessπŸ‘‡πŸ½doesn’t make you want to reach through the screen and grab one. And they’re still warm! 🀀 Hot tip: add an extra shake of pumpkin pie spice to dial up the fall flavors. She has the salt ratio just right and my oh my does that make them the best we’ve ever had!

Watch It.

This is Jon’s contribution and I have to say, the vegan in me was dreading watching it, but the story more than made up for it. I live for Tootsie, and hope I can meet her in person on one of our Texas adventures. Can you imagine 85 years young and still showing up for work at 1am every day?

Read It.

This book had me in tears before I had even read the first few pages. (It might look familiar to you if you read last week’s Scrolls, but this one is for couples). If you’re like me and put forth every ounce of your energy into loving, homeschooling, caring for, and parenting your littles; other household members (cough, Jon) don’t always feel the love. This book will put everything into perspective, and enlightened me in ways I hadn’t been for the past fourteen years of marriage πŸ˜³πŸ™πŸΌ. It would make a great wedding or anniversary gift, or just for you to read to re-ignite the spark.

Feel It.

Oh, I very much felt this one this week. I am on both sides of it. I remember texting with one of my closest girlfriends who, looking back, was crying out for help. And instead of replying, what can I do for you today?, I assumed the cheerleader role and went with the you are a spectacular supermom who can do all the things! Wrong answer πŸ˜”. This goes for dads, friends, fur parents. Anyone right now. Instead of “rah rah get through it”, what if we tried, “I’m here. How can I help you today?”.

Try It.

40 Ideas for Easy Halloween Crafts with the kiddos! We did the spider web wreaths with Grey and they were so fun!!

If you’re into birth-order theories, this was a great read. I think it’s true for me, but not as much for Jon. Did it check the boxes for you and your siblings?

I’m usually not a huge flannel fan, but this jacket stopped me mid-scroll. It’s so different than the norm!

Bookmarking this for Thanksgiving! You might want to do the same if you’re having vegetarian guests. πŸ₯•

Something simple you can do right now to make someone’s day. PS – read the comments in the post for more inspo!

I wore this top for our fall funday in Wisconsin and got so many compliments. Order one size up and you can wear it normally, pull down on one shoulder, or both!

Thank you for sharing a slice of Sunday with us. I hope you do all the fall things, love on your people, and have someone who makes your day like these two do for me. Have a wonderful one!!

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  • Reply Denise September 26, 2020 at 4:03 pm

    Loved everything about this read.

    • Reply nixonpack September 27, 2020 at 7:23 am

      Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to stop by!

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