Sunday Scrolls: October 25th

This morning started with Grey rolling out our yoga mats at 5:27am in a tracksuit and a brass-buttoned blazer. You’ll have to join us for the next class πŸ˜†. Today’s Sunday Funday includes swapping more light fixtures around the house, painting our bedroom, and getting Grey ready to start his new school on Tuesday. But firstπŸ‘‡πŸ½, you asked for more Try It links and we came up with our longest list yet. Plus, a new binge-worthy show, ridiculously delicious recipe for Sunday supper, and a fresh perspective to take into the week ahead!

Make It.

Have you been reading all of the new research on chickpeas? As a vegan, I am always looking for the best sources of plant protein, and overall health boosters. Halfbaked Harvest never lets a gal down. Here’s a hearty fall dish that takes less than 30 minutes to come together, and the flavors really zing!

Read It.

What kind of book have you been in the mood for lately? Mine is the heavy stuff. The kind that once you start reading you’d gladly give a good night’s sleep away to finish the story. The unforgettable pages you’ll keep with you several books into the future. If you’re feeling the same, you won’t regret this one. It’s all of that, plus an overdose of perspective and inspiration.

Watch It.

I’m an OG Studio McGee fan from way back and to see all they have built together is inspiring. I also love that the show came after they built their success; it wasn’t the catalyst, their raw talent was. I see Shea’s style as the loveliest combination of timeless and fresh. If you haven’t watched it already, prepare yourself for huge waves of wanting to re-do your entire surroundings life. On that note πŸ‘‰πŸΌ the chair we’re reading in is from her Target line and is the coziest.

Feel It.

One of my new favorite follows on Pinterest. I came for the Homebody Club and stayed for the quotes. Feel like tunneling down a rabbit hole of feel good gems? We share our favorites in The Good Life board.

Try It.

If you have felt grief of any kind, this article was incredibly impactful. According to a brilliant psychotherapist and award-winning author, everyone has a Grief Archetype. Mine is a Voyager – what’s yours??

This new bookstore is what my actual dreams are made of 😭. It’s so beautiful it made me weepy.

Hair help is here! When I spent a lot of time on television, my hair was left over-processed and ultra-damaged. Olaplex was the only thing that helped my strands back to life. This set is a much bigger savings than buying them separately, and they all work in tandem so beautifully. Just in time for winter dryness and makes a great gift for the holidays…or gift to yourself!

Did you know Vitamin D is a hormone?! I did not. This article had SO many great tips on reducing stress from the inside out.

Loved these Stocking Stuffer ideas for kids. Every article I read says to shop early because shipping could be delayed – marketing ploy or reality? Time will tell. In any event, don’t tell Grey, but we got him a glow in the dark slinky, this Fidget Toy (great for sensory), and against my better judgment, these slime balls.

The easiest relationship tip. And I will now refer to Jon as my “bodega Santa” because this is him to a tee πŸ˜†.

Can we add a nice loafer to loungewear and leave the house in it? Because this set is what I have been living in (this robe is an actual blanket out of the dryer kind of feel).

Speaking of, did you see her interview on My Next Guest with David Letterman? I was struck by Kim’s poise, the fact that she wouldn’t take the political bait, and how much of an active listener she is (something I continue to work on daily). A polarizing figure without a doubt, but her business savvy and the experiences she shared made for a great interview.

Normally I’m a leopard print kind of gal, but one look at this little number and I’m switching to snakeskin (order true to size).

From the Good News Network and a real JOY-inducer. My deepest hope as a parent – to raise a strong, kind, empathetic boy like this.

This aboutto-be-everywhere supplement fights allergies, supports your immune system, and is anti-aging.

Amazon is making shopping small easier (which I know sounds like a contradiction in itself, but take a look, it’s true!) and I am all over this for holiday gifts, and everyday purchases. What a great way to support small makers!

THANK YOU for making it to the end of the week with us. Spending a slice of Sunday with you is pretty sweet. What a great time to reflect on the past week, celebrate today, and look ahead to the next seven. 

Feeling grateful for modern medicine, more time spent outdoors, and Jon coming through the door just as I finish typing this with his latest Bodega Santa treats πŸ˜†. ((It's a chia bowl and a Home Depot haul in case you're wondering.)) Have a spectacular day my friend!

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