Sunday Scrolls: November 8th

Isn’t it funny how Mother Nature knows exactly what you need? Many of us are feeling the warm, loving embrace of the sunshine this weekend, coupled with warmer temps than normal, and ohmygoodness is it a soul-filler. I hope the weather is lifting you up today, along with all the incredible finds we have for you below. I’m partial to Jon’s skills behind the bar for this week’s Make It segment, but a close second are the Try It links at the bottom. Too many good ones not to share with you (and who doesn’t need another mood-boost, amIright?). Let’s get to it!

Make It.

I’ve driven by their trucks countless times. You know the ones I’m talking about? Plastered with the fabulous branding of George Clooney and Rande Gerber on motorcycles looking every ounce the Hollywood megastars that they are. But it didn’t pull me to a liquor store to buy a handle of Casamigos. Fun fact: There are no liquor stores in the town we live in. We have to drive to the next town over 😆.

But while we were out furniture shopping, someone was telling us about a cocktail she loved and declared Casamigos to be the holy grail of Tequila. Her love for it, in fact, was so enthusiastic that it led us to the next town over to grab a bottle because it was supposed to be that good. I am here to report that while pricey, it is most certainly the most delicious tequila I’ve tasted. Here’s the recipe Jon used:

Casamigos Sweet & Sour
  • 2 shots of Casamigos
  • Juice of 3 limes, 1 lemon
  • A generous dollop of honey
  • Diet 7 Up or Sprite

Watch It.

I’ve been waiting for a show like this to come along! How many of us fantasize about owning airbnbs across the globe? The entire process of designing them, sourcing the most fabulous accouterments, crafting the perfect story and voice to market them, creating a unique and incredible guest experience…the ideas are flowing and I can’t turn off the faucet. Anyway, since that’s not my reality, and maybe not yours either, the least we can do is live vicariously through this show. The Malibu episode was my favorite!

Read It.

Sam Hell is the best reminder that each and every experience shapes us into who we are. Even the bad ones bring out the good, eventually. If you’ve read anything by Robert Dugoni before, you might be expecting a thriller. He brings a little of that energy to this one, but it might not be what you’re expecting. In my opinion, this one is his best yet. Each chapter goes by so quickly, you don’t stay in one place long enough for it to drag out, but rather it keeps you moving so quickly you can’t believe you’re at the end. A terrific read – 9/10 ⭐️

Feel It.

This Pinterest quote stopped me in my tracks. I screenshotted it. Thought about it again later in the day. I read it over a few times (and discovered a typo but still posted because it’s too good). The simplicity of it is what struck me. And I’ve tried journaling before, but I haven’t stuck with it. I think I was doing it “wrong” per se. I made it too formal. But this! This is something I could get on board with. A stream of consciousness with a grateful heart. Going to start this exercise in a notebook today and see how long I can keep it up!

Try It.

2 simple words child psychologists love & 2 they wish we’d stop using.

If you need a mirror to spruce up a spot in your home – this one gets five stars from us. I ordered it for above our mantel in the living room and it’s even better in person 😍.

This doesn’t sound like a bad gig. Would you want to be a “frenchfluencer”?

Has anyone ever asked you what your soul age is? This and 33 other random conversation starters to send to a friend & lighten the mood. And if you really want to learn your soul age, you can find out here.

I was never really big on magnolia decor before moving south. But once you see them in person – game over, I’m in love. I bought these lovely ladies for the front door. Affordable holiday wreaths – and gorgeous!

A Design Lover’s Guide to the Best Road Trips in the Northeast – for all my East Coast friends!

YES to all 5 of these Ways to Navigate the Holidays in 2020, but especially #4.

Her voice is so soothing, and the message is even better. I think this will really help you navigate today. It certainly helped for me 💙

I’m not sure if I can get Jon into this onesie, but I am loving these for family Christmas pajamas!

There were so many beautiful moments for which I am incredibly grateful this week. With the bigness of all of the major stressors on a macro level, it was even more important, and special, to zone in to the goodness of our day to day - minute by minute. Sharing some highlights in hopes that it helps you to be present with your people this week, and see what a big difference that makes in your mood, your actions, and your joy!

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