Sunday Scrolls: May 3rd (it’s a good one!)

What does your new normal look like in a day? Ours is a mix of homeschooling our preschooler, fitting in work where we can, whipping up far too many baked goods in the kitchen, and desperately counting the minutes until our nightly neighborhood stroll. Here are a few other things that helped us stay in the present and savor the seconds this week:

I know that resources like Audible, and e-books are more popular than ever; but if you buy this one, please let it be the real paper kind. I almost didn’t buy it, because I wasn’t sure I was in the right headspace for it. But as it turns out, I couldn’t put it down, and it was exactly what I needed right now. If you’re taking this time for personal growth in any capacity, you do not want to miss Untamed. I snapped this page to send to my best gal, and wanted to share with you too:

You need to act on this today, but it’s ready to ship out tomorrow! How fantastic (and timely) are these handmade Mother’s Day cards? I’m sure Walgreens needs our money right now, but I’m willing to bet these mama makers on Etsy need it more.

I’ve been leaning on all the parenting resources I can to help us navigate this crazy time. Have you heard of Life on Purpose with Dr. Paul? I hadn’t either until Jon sent me some of his (excellent, informative, truly life-changing) Youtube videos. Check him out and let me know what you think. I’ve also been working on how I respond to fear-based situations and bookmarked this one:

Remember the Salt River Bars I suggested in last week’s Scrolls? I made them. Then proceeded to eat all but two. I’m not kidding. And I was riddled with guilt after so I promptly confessed to Jon 😂. He was stunned, and I had the worst stomach ache of my life. Anywho. Lightening it up a bit this week and trying these healthy cookies!

Like eating all the treats, I also realize my headband obsession is becoming a problem. I have posted about them three Sundays in a row. But guess what? A lot of you are with me on this since you spotted me rocking this little lady on Thursday and made my day with compliments. I’ll only admit this here because I love you: I washed my hair just twice this week. And headbands got me through the dirty days like a boss.

You might have seen us mention Jon’s only new hobby and favorite family staple a time or twelve. We made it twice this weekend, in fact 😆. I came across this mini version and thought it would be a fun surprise for Grey. He has been such a ball of light and love for us during this stretch at home. I can’t wait to see what he whips up (and that ‘stache)!

Have a wonderful week 💙 Thank you for sharing part of your day with us!

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