Sunday Scrolls: May 17th

Happy weekend! I hope this finds you in front of a pile of pancakes with a piping hot cup of coffee and sun streaming through the window. I’ve been excited all week to share my amazon hack with you. I waited to make sure it worked, and it DID! That, plus some fun finds and ideas to celebrate, just because.

Quarantine Uniform. I fell victim to the countless influencers rocking tie dye sweatsuits, which by the way, has been dubbed “the official quarantine uniform”. They just look so cozy. And oddly chic. Mine is coming from China so I have no clue when it will get here; very likely post-quarantine, when it will no longer be “in”, but still comfy nonetheless. Grey, however, is rocking his little jammies and a kid in tie-dye pajamas is the darn cutest.

Joy Triggers. I shared this video on instagram last week because we wake up to these rainbows every morning and they immediately put a smile on your face. I had no idea someone had coined the phrase “joy trigger”. And that’s exactly what it does for us. I’d love for our whole feed to be filled with joy triggers. You too?

Celebrate! I was looking at the National Day Calendar to see if there were any kooky National Days to celebrate this week, because, why not? And as it turns out, it’s maybe not the best week to check that bad boy. Staring me right in the face were National Take Your Parents to the Playground Day (today) and National Visit Your Relatives Day (Tuesday). Womp womp. But you know what we can celebrate instead? National Rescue Dog Day (Wednesday), and National Strawberries and Cream Day (Thursday) – let’s make this!

Amazon Hack. If you’ve been experiencing delays with Amazon prime, like most of us, I have a workaround for those times when you need to get your package earlier:

Page Turner. When my friend Meg recommends a book, I buy it immediately. Her suggestions are spot on and this one didn’t disappoint. The story of Evelyn Hugo has a way of drawing you in and completely enveloping you; to the point where you lose all track of time and hold your pee to get through another chapter. It’s both heartbreaking, and beautiful, and just the escape I needed this week.

Eye Candy. I have been constantly refreshing The Home Edit’s feed as Clea moves into her new build this week. I could look at her stark black and white aesthetic with a pop of rainbow all day:

Okay, pull my arm, I’m sharing one more thing I pinned on the ‘gram. I can’t shake this stair design. It. is. so. GOOD!

I hope this weekend was everything you needed it to be. If it wasn’t, there’s still time! Here’s to a fresh start this week, and seeking out the good in this new normal 💙

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