Sunday Scrolls: March 7th

I have an abundance of gratitude for your time today. We promise we won’t waste it! Scrolls is packed with goodness from the easiest dill pickles you will ever make to a life-changing (not hyperbole!) new book, a riveting series and an abundance of incredible finds we compiled throughout the week. It’s a fabulous round-up and we can’t wait to get to it:

Make It.

Today’s Make It is super easy and the most scrumptious dill pickles you can whip up at home!

Easy Chill Dills

Slice & dice, then fill up your mason jar with:

  • 1 cucumber – go for a skinny seedless if you can.
  • 1/2 an onion
  • Fresh dill sprigs
  • 1 T. garlic

Boil together:

  • 1 c. water
  • 3/4 c. white vinegar
  • 1/4 c. sugar, honey, or agave nectar. (We used agave)
  • Let that mixture cool, then pour into your mason jar. Cover, and pop it in the fridge overnight (or all day if you’re making it in the morning and it’ll be tasty by dinner!).

Watch It.

The acting. The star power. The storyline 😳🤩. The twists, turns, all of it – exceptional. One of my all-time favorite limited series. As you might be able to guess, we really loved The Undoing. Nicole Kidman is such a force. And I have to say, her beauty came through in such a major way. It was hard not to comment to Jon each episode on how stunning I thought she was 😆. I couldn’t help it. She is so talented, but also, ridiculously beautiful. The acting on all fronts was phenomenal, and I adore Donald Sutherland. 10/10 ⭐️!

We also just published our latest month in review, here. It is so cathartic to look back on the small moments from the past month – to reflect, to appreciate. Last month’s lesson was unexpected, and oh so special.

Read It.

Many of the times I have hit road blocks recently are due in great part to not listening well. Not listening to understand Jon or the needs of a good friend; not listening well to my own intuition. This book is an incredible start to get better at that skill and I love the way the author lays it out in a 6-week course. I read it through but it’s almost too much to digest and put into practice right away. The information is 🤩, and I am going to be re-reading and doing the work over the next six weeks. Will you join me?

Listen to it.

If you’re a Jane Goodall fan (I’m not sure I know anyone who isn’t), you will love this episode of The Armchair Expert. Jane is such an icon and with Dax nerding out with his anthropology degree – it made for a really interesting discussion. What a beautiful, living representation of following your purpose and the entire world better off because of it.

A special thank you to my lovely friend Mackenzie for sending this my way! PS – I love when you send recommendations or ideas – I am so grateful when you suggest something you think we might love!

Feel It.

Small wins of the week: going to the dermatologist for a full body skin check, making family walks a priority, saying thank you each morning before I let my thoughts start running! What were yours?

Try It.

I stopped into Albion this week and snagged these shorts and this swimsuit 😍. I cannot tell you how excited and grateful I am to be one of their Mavens. The quality of the clothes, the sustainability, the family business – they are a shop I am so proud to support!! If you’re shopping, use code NIXONPACK15 at checkout for 15% off! Thank you!!

Stumbled upon this coffee table book and couldn’t stop reading it. Usually they serve as design props for projects, but I really loved all of the practical wisdom in this one!

What a fantastic perspective about the need to bring others back into our orbits.

Spring is right around the corner 🥳! Whenever I get around to buying sandals, the size I need is usually sold out. Trying to get ahead of the game and eyeing these jellies and this chic (but comfy!) pair.

I saved this for inspo in case I ever make it to a nail salon again. Are you one of those unicorns who can paint them yourself and have it come out without smudges? I am not.

We have a ritual before bed where we decide on a destination we’re all going to meet at in our dreams. It helps take the dread out of bed time and gets Grey excited for the adventure that awaits. This book was such a fun find (and a great gift idea for little ones) because they do exactly that!

Cute staycation ideas for families 🥰.

I love shopping the Handmade section of Amazon! Ordered this little cutie for Grey’s Easter basket 🐼.

Speaking of, these DIY place settings make me so hoppy!

A new to me term – grief debt. Will we ever be able to repay it?

Have you watched this show? We haven’t yet! Let us know if we should add it to the list. According to the experts – here’s the #1 mistake couples make when it comes to buying a house.

This is exciting – it’s time for Spring Cleaning!!

THANK YOU for taking time out of your day to spend some with us. We are so very grateful for your support of our little family in this cozy corner. We hope this week ahead brings you great joy - and if you need any extra love sent your way, we are so happy to return the favor. Send us a note and we'll send a hug back!

PS – not our pup, but isn’t she sweet?! Lola is our neighbor’s dog and Grey is in love 😍😆.

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