Sunday Scrolls: Labor Day Weekend

Happy long weekend, kind friend. We are so thankful to share a moment with you today! We have our first glimpse of fall weather in Chicago and despite me saying “long live summer!” last week, I’m embracing it. ((But still waiting on the autumnal decor which is very out of character for me 😆.)) Here’s to clinking glasses trying this new (scrumptious) cocktail, and basking in new inspo to start the season!

Make It.

Have you ever had a Caramel Apple Martini?! If you’re hosting a small gathering, this presentation is the loveliest! Fellow vegans can swap regular Bailey’s for their new almond milk alternative 🤤

Watch It.

This was so inspiring and beautiful to watch. We didn’t stay for the full three hours, but so enjoyed some of the behind the scenes of how David Blaine brought his dream to life and fast forwarding to the actual ascension. It was especially sweet to see his relationship with his daughter 😍. A fun, family-friendly one to watch for all ages.

Read It.

I’ve shared with you about Buddhist Bootcamp before and here’s another you will love. A good friend of mine told me about the podcast (miss you, Kim!), and gifted me this book a few years back. *I cannot recommend it enough*. After re-reading it for the fourth time, I decided to order another from the author and even though it was written in 2016, feels more timely than ever. As we lean in to a new season, (both literally and figuratively), I know this will help shift our perspective along the way. PS – don’t let the title turn you off, the message applies to everyone.

Feel It.

And on that note:

Try It.

How often you should be washing your towels – and what temperature actually gets the germs away.

Bookmarking this Fall Foliage Map Tracker!

J Crew is having a huge Labor Day Sale and I am scooping up this sweater tank, which would pair beautifully with these peony pants. And this giraffe dress?! Need. Use code BYESUMMER for 40% off full price!

My latest research rabbit hole has me learning all the things about the vagus nerve and how to tap into it to improve digestion, anxiety, organ function and overall health. Some of the tips they give are so easy – like humming, splashing cold water on our face, yoga, and breathing. Let’s give it a try and report back!

Grey has been asking a ton of questions about the Universe lately (many of which we’ve had a hard time finding good responses to); so we grabbed this series and all of us learned SO many fun facts – 10/10 ⭐️! Moon: Earth’s Best Friend, Sun: One in a Billion, Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years

Loving the use of greenery in unexpected & delightful ways in this Home on the Hudson tour. This has me on the hunt for an indoor olive tree!

An unpopular opinion: flying kites looks far more idyllic in photos than it is in real life. This kite nearly blinded me, got stuck in a tree, and was exhausting to chase after 😂, but the sweaty little boy you see here had a ball, and that’s all that matters. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! 💙

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