Sunday Scrolls: June 6th

Happiest Sunday, kind friend. I hope you are feeling relaxed, taking deep breaths, having a moment of peace, and catching up on some joy jolts from the week. Today’s Scrolls has a tastes like a treat smoothie bowl recipe, a phenomenal new series to binge, and the link list at the bottom is one of my all-time favorite round-ups. Those are so much fun to put together! We’re so thankful you’re here!


This one might feel a little out there. I know. A sweet potato in a smoothie? But hear me out. You don’t really taste it. It’s more like that luscious Thanksgiving dish that is supposed to be a side, but hits like dessert. And this does indeed taste like dessert, but it is packed with incredible nutrients your body is craving and will eat right up. It’s super filling, great for digestion, loaded with antioxidants, fiber, vitamins….and did I mention it’s delicious?

In your blender add:

  • 🍠1 sweet potato (baked, cooled, and skin peeled off)
  • 🥬A large handful of spinach (you won’t taste it I promise!)
  • 🍓1 cup of your frozen fruit of choice. I used an assortment of frozen banana, mango, pineapple and peaches.
  • 🥛1 cup of coconut milk
  • 1 t. cinnamon

Pour into açaí bowl and top with:

  • 🌰salad toppers (cranberries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds)
  • 🥜nut butter of choice (we had a fabulous cinnamon snickerdoodle almond butter from the farmer’s market)
  • 🥥coconut flakes
  • 💙hemp hearts
  • 🍁drizzle of maple syrup


The premise of this book is wild, laughable, and a little out-there 😆. But that’s the fun part. It was an out of left field find and it ended up being better than what I’d imagined it would be after the first few chapters. I could have gone without all of the political rhetoric that felt forced in parts, but I cared too much about what would happen to the main character to close it early. Also, the Palm Beach shenanigans are crazy. Have you been? I can’t wait to visit. If you’re looking for a light-hearted summer read, this is a great library checkout, but not one I’d necessarily buy for the bookshelf. 7.6/10 ⭐️


The Kominsky Method is a fantastic watch if you’re looking for a new series. It has garnered a bevy of awards, and for good reason (hello, Michael Douglas!, Alan Arkin!). Speaking of, Alan Arkin is 87 years young. Eighty-seven! You would absolutely never know it watching him in action. What an inspiration. The acting is top notch, it takes you on a roller coaster of feelings, and the depth and connection between the characters is something I haven’t seen/ felt in so long. You will love it!


Jon and I were talking the other day about how we are in a full blown midlife crisis. Only, it’s not so much a “crisis”, as an awakening. We spent so many years blissfully unaware of the impact some of our choices were making on our bodies. Nothing crazy! But the amount of sugar, lack of sleep, zero exercise or movement, that kind of thing. And like I always tell Grey, when we know better, we do better. So now that we know how to fuel our bodies better, we’re trying to make better choices.

This podcast opened my eyes up to so many nuggets of wisdom I had not yet learned. The doctor she had on the show equated the prefrontal cortex to the “adult in the room”. When the adult isn’t home, the kids make bad choices. And your prefrontal cortex cannot function properly with inflammation (processed sugar), lack of sleep, and a host of other variables he brought up in the talk. Something I loved even more was that Dr. Perlmutter removed the guilt typically associated with poor food choices, and instead gets you thinking about the real root of the problem (hint: it’s not us). I highly recommend it and know you will find something (or many somethings) of value!



My brother is selling his first home! I am so proud of him for all of the blood, sweat, and tears he put into this house. Please share if you know someone who has been looking. What a wild real estate market we are in!

Loved this assortment of fun summer earrings. Feels like vacation and under $20!

If you watched even one episode of Mare of Easttown, please watch this. I laughed SO hard! They nailed it.

I ran out of these last night and nearly cried. Just put them on subscribe & save to avoid that happening again – best on the market hands down!!

15 summer hobbies you can start today. We are doing a bunch of these, but one thing I have always wanted to learn was to sew!

A fantastic read: Don’t Approach Life Like a Picky Eater.

The exact number of minutes you need to read per day for better brain health.

These are too much fun and so easy to fill up. Grey is 5 and can do it on his own, plus it is hours of fun. 10/10 recommend if you’re having a family BBQ, or just want something to occupy the kids for hours.

Browsing the handmade section on amazon is my favorite. There are so many talented people out there! I love this glass for Father’s Day, and this one if he’s a golfer!

Misophonia. I have it. It’s horrible. When you’re not annoyed/ driven to madness by certain noises, you’re feeling guilty for being so sound-sensitive. Anyone else?

I am a sucker for anything personalized and this daisy necklace would make the sweetest gift for a grad, a friend…or yourself 😆.

The coziest (and still chic) summer pants!

Would you be able to do this? It sounds nice in theory, but would you miss the comforts of home and community?

14 Nutritionists Share Their Advice for Better Digestion. Loved these tips!

Thank you for taking time out of your day to make ours! I hope you have the brightest, most wonderful week. If you're having trouble with something - a goal, getting motivated, a long to-do-list - remember, just take the next first step. That advice has been helping me so much as I work to make some dreams a reality. I hope it resonates with you, too, as we head into this new season ahead!

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