Sunday Scrolls: June 28th

I hope this post finds you joyful today! And if by chance it doesn’t as you’re reading this second sentence, my goal is for you to be by the end. Will you report back? We’ve got some fabulous finds to get to this week:

Make it.

via Half Baked Harvest

These Mac and Cheese Stuffed Oven Fried Zucchini Bites have me drooling. I know, that’s not a pretty picture, but the one above is, amIright?! I’m picturing this for a leftover night (if there ever are any mac and cheese leftovers in your house), or for a fun appetizer for your next family bbq!

Watch it.

via Netflix

They just released Season 2 of The Politician on Netflix and I ⭐️ am ⭐️ here ⭐️ for ⭐️ it. The character development, the fashion, and the casting are impeccable. Favorite series since Ozark!

Feel it.

via YourTango

I love this quote. I’m sure you’ve seen it before, as I have, but it’s funny how at different stages of your life you can take it to mean different things. No matter which goal you’re working toward (fitness, building a business, mental toughness, relationship growth), it rings true. And I think you’re amazing. Keep going!

Read It.

For this week’s book club selection, I bring you a gripping thriller. This is one you’re not going to be able to put down and all of a sudden it’s dark out, you look up from the final page; a bomb went off in your house and your family wants to know why you’ve been catatonic for the past few hours. Worth it!

And for Grey’s pick: this sweet set. You might remember The Cool Bean from a few months back (still an oft read favorite!). Jon just snagged The Bad Seed & The Good Egg from the same author and we may be slightly partial to this one.

Try It.

21 Surprising Parenting Tips – I particularly loved the Doughnut Day idea (naturally).

Love these Socially Distance-able Outdoor Date Ideas.

The ultimate tips for designing around a television. I’m looking at you, Jon. Too big!

Reading up on all things Charleston to manifest our next family getaway.

10 Traits of Likeable People. They all seem possible except number 8 😳.

I’m back to Pinteresting again. I’ve been finding so much fresh inspo over there. Come play with us!

Have an exceptional rest of your Sunday. If you have a few minutes to spare, maybe check in on someone you haven't spoken with in a while. I know. I hate the phone, too. Even a text, or sending a snail mail will do the trick 💙

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