Sunday Scrolls: June 14th

I hope you’re feeling the warmth of the sun where you are. We have had the most glorious stretch of summer weather and oh my is that sunshine good for the soul. This week I’m focused on being really mindful of my time, and the way I spend it. I don’t want this season to speed by without really savoring it. Here’s what we’re loving this week:

Make It.

No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Bars. Drool! And they are vegan/ dairy-free, gluten-free and delicious!

Feel It.

Read It.

A friend told me this was right up my alley, and after reading an excerpt, I quickly added it to my amazon cart. She dubbed it an “unputdownable beach read”, and although I’m beach-less, I wouldn’t mind imagining I was on one.

And when I buy a book for myself, I always try to grab one to add to Grey’s library as well. This just came in the mail and it’s already on the nightstand for bedtime.

Try It.

Another resource for raising anti-racist kids. (loved this one)

This podcast will give you a certification in Happiness.

Until last week, I hadn’t worn, nor purchased a bathing suit in five years. This one is under $25 and is surprisingly well-fitting.

We re-organized our pantry and tried to make it a little more Grey-friendly by adding these cereal dispensers. He loves being independent and I love less cleanup! (bonus: made in Chicago)

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. Hug your people.

And here’s a big one from us, too. 🤗

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