Sunday Scrolls: January 24th

I will be forever thankful for this week, and all that we had to celebrate. The week before, it was hard to complete simple tasks, and show up as the mom, wife, and human I wanted to be. But this week we started healing, and celebrated a very special little man’s 5th birthday. Five! Already 😩. I might be guilty of saying this at every age, but this stage with Grey is my very favorite. His personality is an incredible mix of wonder, sass, and quick-wit, coupled with the most empathetic and lovey little boy you’ll ever meet. Thank you for all of your kind messages for him 🥰. Let’s get to the most fabulous finds of the week – and a record number of Try It links!

Make It.

Today in the kitchen with Grey, we’re whipping up two of our favorite (and easy!) breakfast go-to’s.

Easy Overnight Oats & Chia Pudding
Overnight Oats
  • A 1:1 ratio of your favorite oats and milk of choice. We like the organic sprouted oats from Costco, and also the organic Moola (vegan) milk. For some reason, when you layer the ingredients, it’s even more delicious. Or, I could have imagined it, but I still do it that way anyway.
  • Fun add-ins: We like to add a splash of vanilla, lots of Vietnamese cinnamon, brown sugar, a tiny pinch of sea salt, and agave nectar.
  • If you have extra time, take it even further with chopped apples, walnuts, and raisins. YUM!
Chia Pudding
  • A 2:1 mix of chia seeds + this awesome seed mix we scored on amazon, and oat milk.
  • Fun add-ins: A scoop of nut butter and jelly, granola, honey, coconut flakes…you could add *anything* to this pudding and it would easily take it to next level delicious status.

PS – here is the glass container we like to use!

Read It.

From page one, I felt a deep gratitude rumbling through my being. For the way I was raised, for the man I chose to marry, and for the country I was privileged to grow up in. A Woman Is No Man is such a brave, heartbreaking, heroic novel. I learned so much from this piece, though I have to tell you, some parts were particularly hard to get through. Trigger warning for domestic violence 😩. This was the first novel from the author and it felt like such a gift to read her perspective – 9/10 ⭐️

Watch It.

This documentary was 10/10 outstanding. Jon put it on one night this week and I was stunned that I had lived all these years without ever knowing anything about D. B. Cooper. I loved the way they rolled out the suspects, how each one of them could have been the person who pulled off the hijacking, and yet, we still have no idea who did it. It reminded me a lot of Making a Murderer and the whole, “did he or didn’t he” that persisted long after you finished watching.

Listen to it.

It takes a lot for me to hit the “subscribe” button on a new podcast; because, like you, I only dedicate a small fraction of time to listen to an episode (especially not being in the car as much anymore). I love the variety of guests on the Ctrl Alt Delete podcast, Emma’s questions are so thoughtful, and I could listen to her voice all day. So far I’ve heard her interview with the author of The Secret, The Joy of Writing, and the one I’m sharing with you today – Dealing With Life Overwhelm. Who doesn’t need that right about now?

Feel It.

Tap through for some Sunday wisdom. The last one on impact is so good.

Try It.

I have a beautiful bowl of clementines on our counter and no one has been eating them. Maybe this recipe will bring them around 😍.

2 minute habits that will change your life – this is a quick read and is filled with great reminders. I need to work on posture and chewing more slowly for sure. Love dry brushing before the shower, and movement breaks!

A new to me style of Levi’s and the fit is fantastic. (True to your usual size)

And while I remind myself to put on jeans every now and again, you will most likely find me in my favorite leggings of all time. It’s the comfort level, and iPhone pocket for me 💯.

This is the best slideshow I’ve found of the easiest houseplants to keep alive. 23 in fact! I can personally vouch for the Pothos, ZZ Plant, and Snake Plant 🌿.

How to find JOY in your daily routine. I would love to be more excited about mid-week dinners. A big yes for all of her suggestions except for sitting to brush your teeth. I started doing hamstrings while I brush and that gets some energy out and makes it more fun/ purposeful for me!

This United States of Fashion piece in Vogue was not only aesthetically beautiful, but incredibly interesting as well 👗.

I love browsing the Handmade section on amazon. This one is curated for Valentine’s Day and there are so many talented humans out there crafting beautiful items! Like the loveliest engraved wooden spoons for only $12.

The most chic “cloffices” I’ve seen yet!

I’ve been storing spinach all wrong. Love these tips to make it last a little longer!

Here’s the balloon arch we used for Grey’s birthday 🌈.

Can you believe Betty White is turning 99?! These are her secrets to staying young.

A beautiful guide to styling from the McGees. I especially liked the idea of framing unexpected pieces. The pinboards are beautiful in theory, but can start to look messy depending on what you pin (IMO).

One of my intentions for 2021 was to celebrate small wins. Small wins for this week were: 1) Meeting my deadlines & getting ahead on work. 2) Mastering a 200-piece DIY balloon arch for Grey 🥳. 3) Being able to look at 🐶 pics without crying. Will you share yours in the comments below?

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