Sunday Scrolls: Happy Mother’s Day

To all of my fellow fur and baby mamas; women who lovingly mother (in any capacity) other ladies’ babies, Godmamas, and friends who care for their own mothers, I’m celebrating you today. I know it may look different this year, but I hope you can find joy in this day. Being a mom has impacted my life in a far greater capacity than I was prepared for. My entire universe revolves around my tiny human. Jon may say a wee bit too much 😉 (#nodatenight in 4 years). But it has been the greatest gift I could have ever imagined. And I spend every day thanking God (and Jon) for sweet Grey the Great…even nearly three months into Quarantine and homeschooling 😆. Here’s to you, mom, and our favorites of the week!

Jon’s Margarita Mule. Have I ever told you the story about bartending in college? Jon tried to teach me to bartend as another way to help me pay my way through school. And one night, I was left alone behind the bar and the only drink I knew how to make was a Midori sour. So everyone, including the 50 year old men asking for beer, were drinking sicky sweet lime green cocktails…on the house, because I didn’t know how to work the register either. Needless to say, that was the end of my bartending career. So here is something from a real ex-bartender who whipped this up for me this week. It was fabulous!

1 shot of Patron 
Juice of 2 limes 
Juice of 1 lemon 
1 shot of light agave nectar 
Sugar-free Ginger Beer
Give the first four a hard shake, pour into your glass, then top with  sugar-free ginger beer! 
If tequila isn't your jam, you can substitute with vodka, muddle whatever fruit you have in the fridge, and add for an extra layer of deliciousness.

McMillion$. I’m not talking the actual fast food joint, because that is not my jam (#vegetarian). But the show? Oooh it is so good. If you’re looking for a new series, this one moves fast – it’s easy to stop and pick back up, and it’s fascinating how they pulled the whole thing off.

The Cool Bean. I wish there were more stories like this when I was a kid. Jon grabbed this book for Grey at Costco and I couldn’t love the message more. Great for pre-K through 1st or 2nd grade I’d say. It’s also a cute and punny read that parents will enjoy as well.

Chopped salad. Portillo’s is not known for their chopped salad. They’re known for some kind of chopped beef I think? 😆 But up until last week, I only knew them for their famous chocolate cake shake. It’s literally ice cream and chocolate cake blended together. If you’re lucky they don’t blend it enough and you get a beautiful hunk of cake and a nice dollop of frosting at the bottom. Anywho. I’m trying to get back on the health wagon and ordered their chopped salad. It was divine. Going to attempt the copycat recipe this week!

Anxiety. I know that word has been tossed around so much. Even more so with recent events. But this piece from @melrobbins really hit home for me. Sharing in case it does for you too. You are not alone, friend:

I can’t leave you with anxiety, so I’m leaving you with this. Remember what Tony Robbins said: Progress = Happiness. Maybe not full on glee to tackle a global pandemic; but simple joys that boost your serotonin levels and infuse a little positivity into your day. I found this blurb on Pinterest and it gets the ball rolling. We’ll let go of whatever dragged us down last week, release it, and start anew.

Thank you for being here. We hope you have the most love-filled celebration with your people. Happy Mother’s Day!

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