Sunday Scrolls: Happy Easter!

Happy Easter week, kind friend. We’re so happy to see you today! How are you celebrating the holiday this year? Jon’s parents traveled all the way from New York to be with us for the first time since January 2020. Grey is over the moon with all the love and attention, and has lined up 927 games for them to play πŸ˜†. We’re posting Scrolls early in an effort to stay present and enjoy their visit before they head back on Monday. We’re day-tripping to Magnolia today and I cannot wait to report back if it lives up to the hype in my head! Until then, tap through for a fruity martini with a twist, a bestseller for building your brand, exceptional wisdom to take into this new month, and a plethora of fun finds in the links at the end. This is one of my favorite posts in a while – so glad you’re here!

Make It.

If I’m at the grocery store looking at the jam lineup, I’m raspberry all the way. But even if grape isn’t your jam, this gal deserves a chance. When my friend Janis emailed me the recipe, it sounded refreshing, and so different we couldn’t not try it. Plus, when we put up a poll, it got the majority vote on instagram. Cheers with us & let’s celebrate a new month, a beautiful holiday, and a season of re-birth and joy!

King of Grapes Martini

  • 3oz grape vodka 
  • 1/2 oz triple sec
  • 1 oz cranberry juice
  • Splash of fresh lime
  • Shake with ice strain into chilled martini glass & garnish with a lime wedge. 

Watch It.

Next up on the binge docket, we have Big Little Lies. Disclaimer: We have not gone past the second episode. Remember when I recommended the first season of The Politician and then it got a little out there in Season 2? I still feel badly about that 😳. That being said, this one came highly recommended from a good many friends since it came out 3 years ago! And all it took was me seeing Nicole Kidman in The Undoing and I felt the need to watch everything she’s ever done. So far, it’s juicy, the acting is as you’d expect from these phenomenally talented women, and I’m all in!

Read It.

There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books.


Truth. And it is such a beautiful, wondrous, meaningful bond, isn’t it? My best pal Holly and I have sent each other books back and forth for many years. When she sent this one to me as a surprise last week, she remarked how many addresses we’ve had in that time, since amazon prompted her to go through her ship-list πŸ˜†. What I love most is that it’s never one specific genre, but perfectly timed to what we’re experiencing at the moments.

If you’re in business of any kind, in the process of building your own, or simply dreaming up ideas to start your brand – this book is a GAME CHANGER. It hooked me right in the intro and kept the little gems coming page after page. I gave up highlighting after the second chapter because every sentence was pink πŸ˜†.

Listen to It.

I stumbled upon The Skinny Confidential’s podcast this week and chose the episode Secrets To Personal Growth Time Management, & Productivity With Serial Entrepreneur David Meltzer. I’m not usually a fan of long intros and back to back ad breaks so I almost skipped it altogether before they got to the good stuff. But after I fast forwarded to the 7 minute mark, David Meltzer was sharing his morning routine and I was hooked. I am fascinated, borderline obsessed even, with hearing nuggets from people’s morning musts. For the past couple of years, I have devoured every interview, video, book, and blog I can find on successful humans who have mastered their mornings.

David didn’t just share his morning, however. He shared his entire day and many of the tips he shared I had not yet come across in my research. The idea to vacation every day was a big wowowow moment for me. He used the example of taking a 30 minute drive with his wife down the PCH with the point of view that they were on vacation and had rented a vintage convertible and were out playing tourists. In reality, it was his car, and they lived nearby. But the point was to allow your mind to imagine you’re on vacation – every single day. I cannot wait to put that into practice! There were several more new-to-me nuggets I know you’ll love, and it’s definitely worth a listen.

Feel It.

Try It.

Head over heels for this travel cup. Water bottle + hidden snack container? This is a dream!

I can’t wait for Church on Easter Sunday! I’ll be wearing this floral frock 🌸, I picked out this shirt for Jon, and this suit for Grey 😍.

I still have the denim Gap jacket my uncle bought for me when I was 16, now considered vintage πŸ‘΅πŸΌ, plus an oversized Topshop number I scored 3 seasons ago (this is the best dupe I’ve found and comes in 3 colors!!). However, I can’t stop staring at this one. She is so dreamy! I can’t justify a third denim coat, but maybe you need one. This is it!!

Outdoor activities for kids to do without your help: love new ideas that encourage independent play!

Yes, please. Horchata is my all time favorite “treat drink” and how delicious does this Dirty Horchata sound? Half Baked Harvest has never done me wrong!

Our sweet neighbor brought Grey over some homemade Bunny Bait & I don’t know how I had never made nor tried this goodness. It’s the mix of salty & sweet for me! (Please don’t tell him I polished it off whilst hiding in the pantry 😳)

7 Decorating Sins. I’ve committed all of them at one time or another. Oh well πŸ˜†.

If you need a fun surprise for a kid in your life, these water blasters will be an immediate win! Grey guarantees it πŸ’―.

Have you heard of fredagsmys? It’s the Sweedish way of doing Fridays, and also sounds like most nights for us. How about you?

9 new documentaries coming to Netflix in April. These look fantastic – especially the one where they follow 6 couples for a year.

After watching my Grandma Bev fade away thanks to dementia/ Alzheimers, brain health has become something I am working on every day. They say this 5 step plan may lower your risk of dementia by up to 80%!

Thank you for being here with us on this beautiful holiday weekend. From our family to yours, we're sending love and warm wishes for a very Happy Easter! 

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    Have a great time with your in laws & hope Grey has a super sweet Easter! You guys rock!! Happy weekend! πŸ˜˜πŸŽ‰

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