Sunday Scrolls: Fourth of July Weekend

Happy Birthday, America! We hope you were able to find time this weekend to celebrate; maybe not in the way you’ve been able to in years past, but in a way that felt meaningful, recharging, and good for the soul. We took Grey for a boat tour and dip in Lake Michigan, and we’re looking forward to spending the rest of the day learning how to bike ride sans training wheels! We saved up the best finds for you all week – I’m particularly pumped about number 3!

Make It.

The zucchini wrapped mac and cheese balls last week were oh my goodness good. Recipe here, in case you missed them. But since we have something to cheers about, Jon shook these spicy margs together and zing! Delicious. We muddled the jalapeños with strawberries for an extra treat and I highly recommend that tweak to the original.

Watch It.

Jon legitimately asked me to issue a retraction for my recommendation of The Politician on Netflix. I know, it’s a little out there, but I still can’t stop watching. I love the fashion, and I’ve always had a secret dream to run for office so I’m living vicariously through Gwyneth. Therefore, since there is no official retraction I’m including Jon’s pick for what to watch, which is this adorable video of the sweetest elderly people you ever did see sharing their regrets in life. I cried.

Feel It.

Guess when that six month marker mentioned above will bring us to? The first week of January. Imagine setting goals now that would put you far ahead of all those New Year’s resolutions. Same place, or better place?

Read It.

My Gram and I had a mystery book club going since I was in high school. Anything by Stuart Woods was our favorite to trade back and forth. I snagged this one at the library last week and remembered why I loved them so much; quick, easy reads that completely envelop you, outstanding character development, and with 80 novels under his belt, there’s always another thriller to check out next week. (Stone Barrington and Holly Barker series’ are my faves!)

Grey’s most loved book of the week was this surprise from his Godmama Holly. The author is a native Chicagoan and I love the global view it helps give to our little ones, while relating to them in ways that make sense. Plus, it’s a really interesting read for mom and dad too! 10/10!!

Try It.

Would you rather: Quarantine Edition for Parents. This one is hilarious!

I’ve been using this sunscreen on my face all summer and can’t recommend it enough. It rubs in beautifully even over makeup, has helped minimize my melasma, and most importantly, has not contributed to any breakouts!

I feel like we need this characteristic more than ever lately. Working on honing these skills.

Have you seen this gadget? A new fave in our pantry, and no more bulky chip clips!

My lovely mother in law texted this over this weekend and it was stuck in my head for hours 😆. But I loved it!

A quick aside that I feel is really important to share. A lot of times, life looks so perfect on the internet and can give people a false sense of reality. So here's the truth behind the snap I shared in the main image you saw at the top of the post. I felt deeply sad taking that picture. Because it was our first time walking downtown since Covid, protests, riots, and looting. There was garbage in the streets. Businesses were boarded up, many had closed permanently, and everything felt different. It made me sad for Grey, for all of the people impacted by the above mentioned events, and just in general. I keep wishing for things to "go back to normal", but I know that is foolish because we're in a new normal now. In case you've been feeling the same way looking at your city, or your "new normal", I wanted you to know you're not alone. So let's work to not only seek out the joy triggers, but be the joy triggers for those around us. A big hug to you 💙

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