Sunday Scrolls: Best of the Week (March 8th)

I am beaming ear to ear. It’s sixty degrees today, the sun is shining, and who cares that there are snowflakes covering the 7-day?! Living for today, and the adventures ahead with our little triangle. Here are our favorite finds of the week – still drooling for number three!

This trick for anxiety is the best one I’ve heard in a while. I fall victim to this train of thought all the time, and I know a lot of my mom friends do too. Can we try this together?

I didn’t think I was cool enough for these, but I have to tell you, they are SO good. Sneakers are a hot ticket item this spring and I am so thankful to take a break from heels and step into something more comfortable. I walked six miles in them with *no blisters*. So far I’ve worn them with a midi skirt (paired with a cute tee and denim jacket), jeans and a blazer, and today’s look (check stories) a polka dot dress. If you’re not feeling like you can pull off the black (I really think you can), they come in white too. Size down a full size!

Cannot wait to try this (vegan) Shamrock Shake! I might even sneak some spinach in there for the little (and big) guy.

I heard this quote from Tony Robbins a few weeks ago and it resonated with me in a big way; “progress equals happiness”. And though we make progress with home projects, or parenting wins – I was craving progress in the professional development sector. So, I signed up for SkillShare. Have you heard about it? It is the best $10/month I’ve spent in a long time. You can choose from unlimited classes on unlimited topics and I can feel my brain growing already 😆.

Did I think I’d be writing about deodorant on our blog? Never. But you know what they say about that. I feel like it’s my duty to share this find with you. Reading about all of the harmful chemicals in deodorant made me waste so much money try a bunch of “natural” deodorants and I strongly disliked every one of them. Cut to Dove coming out with an aluminum free option and I. Am. Here. For. It! I’ve been using it for weeks – at the gym, running after Grey, on a 10 mile walk through the city. No sweat, no smell, no bad chemicals.

I’m a big fan of the How I Built This podcast. In my opinion, Guy Raz asks the most thought-provoking questions and doesn’t fall into the trap of over-talking the person he’s interviewing. The latest listen was his chat with Casey Neistat. I didn’t know much about him before this episode and it was both fascinating and inspiring.

Leaving you with this thought as we look ahead to a new week. You’ll always come up with a reason not to ask. But there are SO many reasons why you should. I’m rooting for you!

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