Sunday Scrolls: Best of the Week (March 15th)

Well if this wasn’t the longest week in the history of weeks I don’t know what was. If you’re reading with us today, we pray this note finds you and your loved ones in good health. Like I’m sure you’ve read, or even felt so many times by now; we were also feeling that ache of, do we continue to document and post and just be as if there isn’t a global pandemic? What we decided to do was whatever feels right day to day. Today, we’re over here in this corner of the internet sending out an extra sanitized virtual squeeze, and thankful to be in this with you together. Here’s how we’re coping with all of the anxiety, and unknowns, and big feels we’re feeling. We hope even one of them will help you too:

Go the extra mile. We’ve checked off almost all of our 40 Acts of Joy and we continue to come up with more to tack on to the bottom. Yesterday we ate breakfast at a local neighborhood spot, we shared encouraging smiles with the other panic-stricken pancake fans, left an extra tip for our sweet server, and bought a couple of ceramic coffee mugs to take home. As a family, we decided that if we feel completely healthy we’re going to go out and support the little guys as much as we can (obviously taking extra precautions in hand-washing and keeping a safe distance).

This week we’re making bagged lunches for the less fortunate in our great city, as many of the meal programs have been limited with recent events. And small acts can make a bigger impact than you might imagine. I sent a text to our neighbor and offered to help with her two girls (in case she had a gap in childcare with schools closed) and her reaction was such extreme gratitude you would have thought we offered to pay off their mortgage. It filled my cup and then some. If you have thoughts on additional ways to help, please send them our way! I have a feeling that if we look to the good, we’re going to come out of this even stronger.

Who wrote these?! As soon as I saw this one it reminded me of my best gal. She and her husband live for traversing our National Parks. And we keep talking about taking a Conti-Nixon family Park tour in an RV, and camping out; except I am neither woodsy, nor cut out for camping 😆. I swear I didn’t write these reviews, Holly 😉.

Did anyone stock up on flour and baking supplies, or just TP? We might not have hoards of toilet paper, but we do have loads of almond flour, and dye-free sprinkles. And since I’m homeschooling Grey for the foreseeable future; I’m going to consider this the math portion of our day.

Pretending I’m on a beach somewhere far, far away, COVID 19-free, and devouring this book. So far, we’re off to a thrilling start!

Calming Corner. I heard about this on a parenting podcast; the idea of a space in your home dedicated to all things calm. Not just for Grey, but for me too. Following this search for calming activities on Pinterest to find some zen for both of us. You too?

Love on your people. I had been saving this one for a bit, and almost didn’t share it today. You’ll know why when you take a look. Gah. What a beautiful way to capture that connection. I think it hit me so hard because it was nearly the same view as the last time I saw my Dad alive. Both of us were crying, and I waited so long to leave I almost missed my flight. We didn’t know it was the last time. I don’t think I’ll ever forget his face that day; I pray I won’t. Please love on your people today <3

Leaving you with this:

2 thoughts on “Sunday Scrolls: Best of the Week (March 15th)

  • Reply Janis king March 15, 2020 at 8:49 am

    You are an inspiration to all, you & your family put a smile on our faces everyday for all the love you show to everyone!!😘😘

    • Reply nixonpack March 15, 2020 at 1:59 pm

      You do the same for us, Janis. Truly. THANK YOU for all of your support!!

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