Sunday Scrolls: Best of the Week (Mar. 1st)

We’re a few days into our 40 Days of Joy Challenge, and I have to say, this is one of our most fun projects to date. It has our whole family involved, and is something we’ve been looking forward to each day. It’s not too late to join us if you want in! And speaking of fun, here are some of our favorite Sunday scrolls – I think you’re going to love number 4!

Trader Joe’s new plant-based burger. Being an almost lifelong vegetarian, these were an easy sell for me. I knew Jon would be the real critic and the best person to give you his honest, carnivorous opinion on our family taste test. These patties beat out the Beyond Meat burgers for all of us, were incredibly easy to cook (5 minutes!), packed with protein and were oh so flavorful. A must try!

This new-to-us account on the ‘gram. If you’re like me and always looking for an *honest* recommendation for a new book to read; you will love the Subway Book Review. Can they do this on the ‘El in Chicago? I want to play!

Easter Best Dressed. Now that Lent is underway, the pressure is on to get our family’s Easter outfits before it hops up on us and we’re amazon’ing an ill fitting blazer. I am head over heels for this sweet dress and love that it can be dressed up or down all season long. This one is so flattering and the color combo is 👌. And what’s a darling little dress without the perfect heels to make it pop?! (If you’ve never worn Louise et Cie heels before – I promise you they take comfort to a whole new level. How chic are these – and did you see they also come in snakeskin?!

Primitive Tool. If you’re looking for a break from your usual show circuit, please promise you’ll take a few minutes to check out the most amazing hand-built home I have ever seen. This teen even makes a home gym from forest materials. I’m still dead over it. It’s Grey’s favorite show, and fun for the whole family to watch. If you’re into it, these are also so inspiring to watch!

New Tile Trend. I’ve been seeing this trend creep in my feed little by little, and I have to tell you – I am here for it! Resale-wise I think you have to be careful with the phrase you choose; but design-wise I find it to be just the cheeky, whimsical play we’ve been craving. What tile slogan would you choose?

Leaving you with this today. I read this last week and haven’t been able to shake it. It’s easy to feel triggered by someone, or disagree with a choice a friend has made. But what if they weren’t there tomorrow? Having lived with guilt after a loved one died; that feeling will eat you up. Taking this one to heart and doing better to share only kindness and love, and keep the rest to myself.

Have the best rest of your Sunday! You inspire us and bring joy to our lives in more ways than you know! XO – K

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