Sunday Scrolls: August 30th

I chose one of our most joyful moments of the week for the cover photo. I can still hear his squeals when the waves took him down 😍 And if you noticed five inches missing from my hair, it’s because I have this terrible habit of cutting it with kitchen shears when I’m feeling anxious 😆. Let’s de-stress together with some incredible finds this week 👉🏼 here’s the last Sunday Scrolls of the month!

Make It.

These delicious dreamboats remind me of my Gram. She was always whipping up the best Whoopie Pies. And is it just me or does the end of summer feel like s’more season hitting its peak? Let’s make these together this week! (Fellow vegans, have you tried Just Egg substitute? It’s a fantastic non-egg swap for baking! Find it in your refrigerated section.)

Watch It.

Take this recommendation with a grain of sand. I felt like I’ve been hitting you with pretty heavy ones with Warren Buffet and Frank Sinatra documentaries lately. So if you’re looking to zone out and imagine you’re renting one of these behemoth beach compounds for Labor Day weekend, this is your jam. The plot lines are contrived and a little out there, but I’m here for the real estate – and live for spotting new interior trends.

Read It.

I don’t have a great add for the Book Club this week because instead of taking on a new one I went back through my nightstand stack and finished several I had been meaning to. (The best feeling). So if you’re in the market for a new one, start here for some of our faves.

⭐️ But THIS. This is the piece I read this week that grabbed me by the sports bra and shook me. Each lesson is better than the last. It’s a print it out and read it every morning kind of good, and I hope you love it as much as I do. ⭐️

Feel It.

And on that note, one of my favorite pieces of advice from the list. A reminder that we don’t need to wait for a New Year, or even a new day. Why not start now? What do you want to learn about?

Try It.

If you get anxiety when you think about finding a gift for the person who needs nothing – order several of these to have on hand for the upcoming holiday season. They are the best silk pillowcases we’ve purchased. Easy to wash and amazing for your skin and hair. 10/10!

Remember iced animal crackers when you were little? Going to make these with Grey!

Our entry rug took a beating this summer and was ready for a swap. We went with this beauty from amazon and it *far exceeded* expectations.

Have you heard of TripFiction? Combining a love for books + travel = yes, please!

I remember him from the early days of Project Runway and wow did he make that fifteen minutes work and then some. Still swooning over this home tour!

Are you feeling extra irritable? Here’s why. It’s called low-level emotional functioning, and it’s your brain’s way of protecting you in a crisis.

Have a magical rest of your weekend! Thank you for smiling with us today!

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