Sunday Scrolls: August 23rd

Each week when I type the heading 👆🏼, I’m reminded how quickly summer is sailing by. If you’re looking to hang on to it just a little longer (like us), we’ve got you covered with this week’s best of:

Make It.

These dairy-free donuts are such a great way to use the last of your zucchini harvest and still feel like you’re having a treat. They are doughy and delicious without the guilt (or stomach-ache) that comes with fried donuts! EDIT: Eagle-eyed baker Denise B. messaged me to tell me that if you’re going to try the recipe, swap 1 c. yeast with 1 tsp. baking powder. We have the best readers!!

Watch It.

I have really been missing my Dad this week. He was a longtime fan of Ol’ Blue Eyes and I have fond memories singing Sinatra songs with him in the car. We started watching this docu-series and it is phenomenal. I always pay particular attention to the way people describe their childhood and talk about their parents. You can glean so much from hearing about someone’s upbringing, and maybe grab a good parenting nugget or two along the way. Plus, I could listen to his voice all day 😍.

Read It.

Jon has been the MVP of my summer reading list. He brought this one home for me and talk about a great beach read. (Not that I have the beach to read it on 😆). Usually I am not one to love multiple perspectives chapter to chapter, but her writing style is so smooth (and surprisingly witty for a murder mystery), and the game is sifting through the clues to find the victim. Impossible to put down! 8.5 ⭐️

Lucy Foley’s The Guest List

Feel It.

A gentle reminder as we start a new week, and look ahead to a new season; we are in charge of the trajectory of our lives. We get to decide how the day will go. We can decide to do better today, despite the circumstances. We can make a change to put us on a new path.

Try It.

Vocab words are my love language. The nerd in me is downright gleeful to learn a new descriptor for something. Have you seen these before? (If you have extra time, scroll through the comments for some great stories!) 🤓

H&M Home just added a bunch of fabulous items to their fall home collection. This boucle throw blanket will take any sofa from drab to dreamy. And I am head over heels for this stoneware pitcher. Grab some sunflowers at the farmer’s market and surprise a friend this week!

Did you see this new study that found drinking coffee protects your liver?!

I bought this in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last week and am so hopeful after reading all those five star reviews. Love that you get two for the price of one, and after all that over-plucking in high school, I need all the help I can get! Did you do that too?

Feeling lonely or have a friend that might be? I hope this helps!

If you have twins in your life, these fun facts are so interesting!

Coming up this week we'll introduce a new Chicago real estate listing on Facebook (maybe 2!), offer tips on showing your home during a pandemic, and lastly, our favorite moments of gratitude this summer. Thank you for spending a little piece of Sunday with us; we look forward to it more than you know!

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