Pricing Your Home to Sell – What You Need to Know to Sell First & Fast!

You know how some people get excited about cars, a shiny new kitchen, maybe a cool new gadget? I get over-the-top excited about pricing real estate (ok fine, a new kitchen, too). There truly is a science to it. And when you get the combination just right – it smells like freshly printed dollar bills. Here are the key ingredients of what you need to measure out in order to price right, and sell fast, in any market.

You know that saying “there’s a (bottom) for every seat”, well there’s a home for every person. No matter the market, it always comes back to price. You will always sell if it’s priced right. Another thing we love? You can combat any real estate excuse with price. No updates? Price. Bad location? Price. Poor layout? Price. And the same goes for the reverse! Best school district? Price. Best floorplan? Price. Coveted corner lot? Price.

There are so many great resources out there to educate yourself on comps before you even call in the professionals, and even if you’re not looking to sell now, it’s always a great idea to know the market in your neighborhood.

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Video Partner: Kaylea Nixon is a Licensed Realtor with My Town Realty

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