Powder Room Refresh

We have a powder room on the main floor that all guests frequent when they stop by. It’s fine. We painted over the abhorrent mustard yellow and changed the toilet seat for a nice, new, soft close. (Am I the only one who needs to swap out the seats as soon as you move into a new home?) We even traded out the hardware on the existing cabinet. All things I would tell a client to do for a mini makeover on the cheap. Yet I still hate it as much as when it was a bad shade of Dijon. WHY? Because it’s boring. There is absolutely nothing memorable about it and it is such a small (but important) space that needs to pack a punch. We have put so much effort (and love!) into the main floor that the half bath seems like a forgotten stepchild. No more. Here’s what we’re eyeing for the refresh it deserves.

Texture. This is one of my favorite ways to add personality to small spaces. Bonus points if you can do it on the walls. That comes in so many forms and really depends on the look you are going for. We have leftover reclaimed barn wood from our fireplace project and I cannot let it go to waste. It’s a stunning shade of grey and I know it will complement the rest of the room well. We’ll use it on the vanity wall to make a statement without going crazy in the whole space.

Little bit of luxe. The vanity currently in use is much larger than necessary. I’d love to yank that one and add something smaller to open it up a bit more. Then top it with a waterfall sink using Cambria’s latest design – Brittanicca Gold. I swoon for those gilded swirls. Plus, it is so durable and stain resistant, I know it will stand the test of time. We’ll keep the gold accents going with the mirror above the sink, as well as the faucet and knobs. Sidebar: Jon would like to go the traditional route and keep the faucet mounted to the sink. I, on the other hand, am lobbying for the wall mounted hardware. Follow along to see who wins.

Dainty Details. I’m planning some fun surprises like golden bird legs holding bathroom essentials and a wire rack to post pictures and leave our guests silly notes. And if you’re on a #plantlady quest like me, snake plants do really well in low light areas and are perfect for dimly lit half baths like this one. I’ll leave you with that for now while I keep scouring the web for the perfect light.

How have you added flair to your powder room? Share with the Pack below!




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