Post-Holiday Decor

Is your tree down yet? Ours was out the door at 10:38am Christmas morning. Don’t worry, we did it when little man was taking a nap. And truth be told, we were all ready. Even Grey. The holiday season can be overwhelming, amIright? As we took down all the twinkling lights, bagged up the wreaths, swept the pine needles, and said goodbye to the (very crispy) garlands, I took a deep breath and felt like all was right again. But on my second inhale, it felt empty. All that glitter and gold took up so much space in the house. I’m taking a few days to do a nice, deep clean, then I plan to bring new life into each room as we welcome a New Year. If you’re in the same boat and looking for some post-holiday design inspiration, join me on the journey below:

Bring Nature In. Not today, though. Today it’s an ice-cold ten degrees. But here’s what I mean – houseplants, succulents, even natural materials like woods, stones, textiles. When you mix them together it adds instant coziness (and life!) to a space. So necessary in the dead of winter.

Runner. No, I’m not talking about a new exercise routine to work off those cookies (though I probably should). I’m talking about a new runner for your hallway or kitchen (vintage runners in the kitchen are so hot right now). Maybe a new living room rug. Or perhaps the one you have is perfectly fine and you find a fabulous sheepskin to layer over it. I am all about layering rugs lately, and again, it’s like putting on your favorite cashmere sweater over your long sleeved tee on a chilly day. Cozy, lived-in, loved.

Art. We moved so much around to make way for the tree and all the trimmings, and some of the pieces I’m liking much better in their new homes. Which means there is a nice, blank space in the old spot for something new. Here’s an opportunity to fill it with something unexpected. Maybe step out of your comfort zone and add a piece that will inspire you, spark a conversation with guests, and really make the room pop. Here’s a little something I’ve been eyeing that checks all those boxes and then some.

And if you’re perpetually cold like I am until, let’s say May, check out our tips to add even more hygge to your home, here.

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