Part of the Pack: Shelby Dusart on her Food Truck with a mission

This series continues to inspire, excite, and ignite a fire inside of me. I pray it does the same for you, and know that today’s conversation will have you thinking about purpose and community in a new light. Imagine seeing a gaping hole for a group of underserved (but capable, incredible) people, then putting a plan in place to not only rectify it, but inspire an entire community to do the same? That’s what today’s guest did, and I ask her all about it in our Part of the Pack conversation:

Meet Shelby Dusart, a Special Education Teacher & Owner of Capabilities Food Truck.

Shelby has an infectious smile, warm energy, and eyes filled to the brim with purpose. She is a special education teacher and board certified behavior analyst in Central New York, and saw first-hand a gap in the support people with varying abilities receive after graduation. “I found that there’s not a lot of work opportunities for folks on the spectrum or people with other varying abilities to obtain supported employment in the area”. And so, the idea for Capabilities was born. Capabilities is a coffee and crepes food truck that will employ people with varying abilities, including those with developmental disabilities, Down Syndrome and those on the autism spectrum. This coffee and crepes food truck is a non-profit; volunteers will be used to train and support the paid staff.

A Conversation about Capabilities.

In today’s chat, Shelby shares more about what inspired her to make this vision a reality, the support she has received so far, and how we can help keep this worthy mission growing:

Shelby credits her family for constantly cheering her on; her husband for his unwavering support, and as a mom of three tiny humans, Shelby is working to espouse the values and purpose she hopes they will bring to the next generation.

We want to provide a space that promotes inclusion, and meets people where they are.

Shelby Dusart
Coffee, Crepes, and Community.

Right around the 3 minute mark, Shelby detailed her mission and I felt goosebumps. There is such a void in terms of employment opportunities for people with varying abilities and support for the capabilities they have to offer. “Our employees are really excited for the opportunity to show off their amazing skills in the community. They are all truly incredible people and I am beyond excited for them to shine their lights.”

Support this delicious mission & a free cup of coffee on us!

The Food Truck will be staffed and ready for the Spring Craft Show at the Camillus Elks Lodge on April 17th from 9am – 3pm. We wish we could be there in person to support them, but know the Pack in CNY will be in line for us! We sent a special gift card for you to get a cup of java & a crepe – mention NIXONPACK at the window for a free cup of coffee (until it runs out!). Please help us cheer on these capable crusaders – we are so grateful for people like Shelby, her wonderful team at Capabilities, and the people like you who support them!

See more from Shelby & follow Capabilities on the ‘gram to see where it’s headed next!

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