• What the Parade of Homes Means to the Pack

    It has been almost a year to the day since Jon and I were approached to design a house for the Parade of Homes. I started sharing the process immediately through our insta stories, and in posts. But just the other day, I had a friend ask me, almost sheepishly, what IS the Parade of Homes? Shoot. It didn’t occur to me that not everyone shares my obsession. You see, for as long as I can remember, I dreamt about designing a home for the Parade of Homes. I felt a gravitational pull to the event each year, and stayed far longer in each space than most.

    So to answer her question, and maybe yours: The Parade of Homes is a showcase of new homes held annually in several regions throughout the country. Each participating builder selects a floor plan they’d like to spotlight, and works with a designer to bring it to life. Then they stage it to display the latest in design trends, the layers and layers of knick knacks and love to show every angle in its best light. In our case, the builder is JMG Custom Homes (and the design team is #NixonPack). When they asked us to meet last year, I had to pinch myself. This was a goal I always had, and knew would happen someday, I just didn’t think the someday was this day. We were warned again and again what an undertaking it would be. How much time it would take. The stress at the end. Everyone was right by the way. We took it all into consideration, and in truth, went back and forth about it, because when we commit, we really commit. 

    There have been hundreds of several times I have wanted to turn back. Just this morning actually. It’s exhausting. And there are a whole bunch of things that are not as you imagine. A lot more compromise than I anticipated. But just like with the unexpected hiccups, there have been so many wondrous surprises. Like the insanely talented people we would meet and create with. Learning a lot about myself and how to work through different dynamics and personalities. How deep our love runs for all things home.

    Our vision from the beginning before the hole was even dug, until the final day of the Parade is this: We are striving to create a space that inspires. Whether it be a first time homebuyer looking for ideas, a couple seeking to tackle a big renovation, or someone who is attempting their first DIY. Maybe it will give you the gusto to go vintage hunting at our favorite spot down the road, Sweet Salvage. Perhaps it will give you the permission you think you need to mix metals in the kitchen. Or do a wall of orchids because they bring you joy. Paint a lemon tree in your kiddo’s bedroom. We look at a home this way – You aren’t just funny. Or just smart. Or just kind. You’re all of those things. So the style of your house doesn’t have to be just “farmhouse” or “modern”, or “traditional”. It can be a little bit boho, a little contemporary, a little vintage. Because when your house becomes a home, it’s a mirror of all the people in it. And it showcases every angle of your personality. Even the quirky side. So that’s what you’ll find in any #NixonPack home, and we can’t wait for you to see what we’ve cooked up with JMG and a whole crew of talented people.

    The Parade of Homes runs October 13 – 28 in Jamesville, NY. Check back for more glimpses into our designs, and for special dates and giveaways during the event!

  • Walkthrough Wednesday: Grouting DIY, Bold Kitchen Design & Gorgeous House Tour in Cazenovia, NY

    How are we here already? This week we’re celebrating our Season 1 Finale of Walkthrough Wednesday and what an amazing ride it has been! I cannot believe how many incredible homes we have been able to tour, how many fabulous people we have been able to meet, and the unbelievable crew we’ve had the privilege of working with. We are grateful from the stones in the foundation to the roof and back again!

    Today we’re taking you on a house tour of a truly spectacular property at 2055 Rippleton Cross Road in Cazenovia, NY. It’s a 4 bed, 5 bath, 4,200 square foot stunner on a majestic 64 acres. I didn’t want to leave. Imagine the horses you could have? The gardens! The pond and the barn – the rolling hills, the winding driveway. I could go on forever, but I won’t keep you. I’d rather you watch. OK one more, look at the master wing! Swoooon. This week’s finale features a re-grouting DIY, bold design ideas in the kitchen, and the one thing you *need* to consider before sealing the deal on a home.

    Also, pay close attention because we have a giveaway tucked inside to celebrate the season and you don’t want to miss it! For more, head to our stories on IG @nixonpack, all the other homes featured this season on YouTube, and you can see more about this listing from Linda Crawford, here: https://nys.mlsmatrix.com/DE.asp?k=88…

    We truly cannot thank all of you enough for coming with us on these tours each week. Your time, your kind notes, and your company has been an absolute joy. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for Season 2! Have suggestions? We’d love to read them in the comments below!

    *Kaylea Nixon is a Licensed Realtor with My Town Realty.

  • Walkthrough Wednesday: Kid Storage, Beginners Landscape & Increasing Home Value

    Today’s house has a pretty great voice booming from it. If you’re in the Syracuse area, I know he’ll sound familiar to you – Joey Walker on 93Q. And as great as that voice is, the person behind it is even cooler. Joey is legitimately one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. The type of person where the moment you meet him, you instantly know he’s one of the good guys. So, it comes as no surprise that his family is, too. 

    When they were considering their first home, they asked us to take a look, in all its shag carpeted glory. I could instantly see the potential, and so could they. Which, I have to say, not many people can see past the puke green shag, so they got even more points in our book. He and his wife Tiffany have made a lot of DIY changes so far and have swung from the first time homebuyer ropes with relative ease. They called us over to check on the progress, suggest other ways to increase their value, and give them some hacks to hide all those toys. Without further ado, here is this week’s Walkthrough Wednesday, presented by Busch Products and Cambria!

    The baskets you see above are here, and a bit of a splurge. But the best part is they double as such a great statement piece and no one would guess they’re chock full of toys. Looking for a more budget-friendly option? Check out Home Goods – so many designer dupes for a fraction of the price – especially in the clearance section! And my favorite place to source baskets this summer has been at our local Farmer’s Market. Hand-woven, one of a kind, and you’re supporting local. A win-win! 

    If you haven’t yet, we’d be so grateful for you to take a minute to subscribe to our YouTube channel, here: so we can continue to bring new episodes every Wednesday! And as always, a big squeeze to our video partner, Call of the Loon, for putting up with Jon’s antics us each week. What’d you think of this one, friends? Comment below!

  • Walkthrough Wednesday: Getting Your Home Show-Ready, Fireplace Facelift & DIY of the Week!

    We’ve seen a lot of houses, and have met so many homeowners in our real estate and home design careers. But I’ve never met a homeowner who designed his own tool for custom moldings. That’s #goals. I never would have thought of something so outrageously awesome. Leave it to an architect to do just that. And it’s only one of the stamps we saw on this gem that helped to personalize it and give it that extra wow factor. 

    True to form, the layout was also unique. There are three levels of living – the main floor with all the necessities (kitchen and living room), plus a large laundry room, family room and gorgeous dining room to boot. My favorite part was the deck overlooking the most stunning vistas of rolling hills I’ve seen in a while. (Thanks, Call of the Loon for those spectacular drone shots!) My only regret was not saving this for a few more weeks when the leaves start to change. I bet it’s a showstopper.

    Upstairs on the second level there are two bedrooms – a grand master featuring an oversized master bath (ready for a refresh and your chance to make it magnificent!), his and hers closets, and even an attached nursery or study. The second bedroom would make for a great guest room or children’s room with attached ensuite.

    On the lower level you have two additional bedrooms, a bath, kitchenette and large living space. It doesn’t give off basement vibes at all. The windows are all above grade, you have a slider to the outside, tons of light and loads of possibilities.

    The floorplan won’t work for everyone, as I’d imagine it might be a challenge for younger families who want everyone on the same level. But if that doesn’t bother you, or you have older kids, maybe family that visits often and you need extra space- this would be one to move to the top of the list! The double lot, uniquely crafted home, and personal touches throughout make this house such a standout. 

    Where do you want to see the Pack next week? Comment below! We love hearing from you guys and are so grateful you come along with us each Wednesday! 

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  • Walkthrough Wednesday: Bloopers and Behind the Scenes!

    Pinch me. I cannot believe we are celebrating ten full episodes of Walkthrough Wednesday already! Why do we do this, you might be wondering. It started last year when I would tour a different real estate listing each week and take everyone along with me on my insta stories. It’s always better with friends, amIright? Then people would send messages with questions and suggestions on which house to tour the following week, and I thought, what if we made this a regular thing? I wear a few different fedoras. Realtor. Home Designer. DIY’er. Spokesperson. Why not combine them? And the one hat I do not wear is “funny”. But my husband does, and wears it well. So since he’s that and so much more (handyman, Realtor, all around awesome guy), I asked Jon to come along. And it wouldn’t look as shiny and cool without the help of our unbelievably talented friends at Call of the Loon Productions. They do such a bang up job and help us elevate our game each week. Jake, Kristen and Tonya are the very best around.

    So today we’re popping bottles and tossing confetti as we share some behind the scenes moments and big belly laugh bloopers to cheers to the first 10…and 10,000 ahead! Here’s Walkthrough Wednesday, presented by Busch Products and Cambria!

  • Walkthrough Wednesday: FSBO Facts, Fence DIY & Staging to Sell

    This is one of my favorite episodes to date. Wait, do I start every one like that? This week we unveiled a new style of the show so we can provide even more content in each video, in less time. You can expect to see the house tour you come for, plus a DIY of the week, design inspiration and real estate nuggets. Today we’re covering all things FSBO, plus a unique take on a picket fence, and whether or not you should stage your home to sell.

    This cape is adorable, has so much potential and if you see a dark shadow in the night painting that sweet fence a pale yellow, please don’t call the cops.

    It’s Walkthrough Wednesday, presented by Busch Products and Cambria!


  • Size Matters When Buying a Home

    The biggest piece of advice I hear all the time when it comes to buying a home is, “Don’t become house poor”. Listen, I totally agree with that one…to a point. We were the very definition of house poor when we bought our first home. So much so, we couldn’t afford a stitch of furniture to put inside and had to rely on hand-me-downs from family for everything from silverware to toilet paper. And bless my generous in-laws for treating us to a couch so we could stop eating dinner on our bed pillows. (Though it was kind of sweet and romantic for the first few weeks). In any event, I get the house poor point. But we have a bigger one. Read More

  • Walkthrough Wednesday: Contemporary Cool

    Don’t mind Jon charging the camera. Though, it’s one of my favorite nuggets in this week’s episode! Come inside with us for Walkthrough Wednesday – a cool contemporary with so much potential, presented by Busch Products and Cambria!

    This one is a massive 6 bed, 3.2 bath home nestled in the sweet rolling hills of Pompey Pines. It has a ton of space and unbelievable views! Looking for a walkable neighborhood, large lot, and ample opportunities to personalize your home? This one’s for sale through Linda Crawford, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at HUNT Real Estate ERA. 

    Call of the Loon Productions did an incredible job as usual and those drone shots are pretty sweet!

    Follow along on insta stories for more and the inside scoop on real estate nuggets, design inspiration, and DIY’s!

    Kaylea Nixon is a Licensed Realtor with MyTown Realty.

  • Walkthrough Wednesday: Flip Edition

    Flip has become a dirty word. And I totally get it. It’s kind of like a cuss word – it’s all about the intent behind it. Funny when said in jest by your 80 year old Gram (or sweet, innocent two year old) but not so funny when a driver screams it out the window at you when you stop mid-street to save a squirrel. You get me?

    A design client of ours asked us to check out their summer house that they purchased recently from some flippers. They wanted to know what was done well, what they might need to change, and some ideas to personalize it along the way. Come inside with us for a tour of this cute cape, and we hope you take away some real estate nuggets and a sneak peek at some of the design trends we think you’ll see a lot more of in 2019!

    Without further ado, here’s Walkthrough Wednesday presented by Busch Products and Cambria!

    Video Partner: Call of the Loon Productions! www.calloftheloonproductions.com

  • Walkthrough Wednesday: Scott Ave Split

    This week’s episode is ready to make a big SPLASH! It’s Walkthrough Wednesday, now presented by Busch Products and Cambria! We could not be more excited about this partnership – both Busch Products and Cambria are family owned businesses, made in the USA, representing core values that truly embody what the Nixon Pack believes in and strives for daily. Not to mention their incredibly gorgeous, sustainable designs for counters and surfaces. We’re customers ourselves – and have their quartz countertops in our kitchen and baths. We’ve also used them several times on client projects – a big hit with families for their durability and unique design. And on a personal note, Darlene Brown (the owner of Busch Products) is the most fierce, generous, and kind #girlboss I know. We feel so grateful (and excited!) to have them as a presenting partner on Walkthrough Wednesday!
    Are you ready to step inside with us for a house tour of this expansive, unique, and chic modern split? This is such an underrated style of home. I am over the moon about this floor plan. It has a separate wing in the back which is so convenient for guests, or even the kiddos. Watch for the pop-ups – this gem is filled with design nuggets, fun facts, and a real surprise at the end!

    Read More