Pack Punch List: Next Big Project(s)

It’s been a minute since we shared a Pack Punch List – mostly because between getting the NY house ready to sell, and flying right into the massive pile of projects at the new house – we haven’t really come up for air. Here’s what we’re working on as we look ahead to the weekend!

  1. Roof Deck. We have a fabulous 20 x 20 space over our garage that serves as our “deck”. It was in desperate need of a new roof (completed last weekend), and with that comes the need for a new deck. The old boards were rotting and the wood was beyond repair so we have been pouring over Pinterest to get some fresh ideas. There are SO many decking options you might not have considered. We thought about doing tiles, but it wasn’t in the budget this ‘go round. Maybe the next house? This time we’re going with a Trex Deck option from Home Depot – it’s a special order and should be in by Halloween!
  2. Half Bath. I thought we had all we could handle with the roof deck but pfshhh, this is #nonstopnixon we’re talking about. So since we have to wait two weeks for deck supplies, why not tackle the half bath? It’s the only bath on the main floor, and the one that friends use most frequently, so after 14 years, she’s ready for a refresh. It’s a tiny space so we’re dreaming up a combo of wallpaper, new vanity, and hardware. What do you think about this one?
  3. White Walls. Jon has been on a bit of a painting strike since the move. Well, that’s not completely fair to say 😉 But after painting all 4,000 square feet of walls, wood trim to white, and walls again in the last house; suffice it to say it’s going a bit more slow in the new digs. I finally got to the root of it though. It wasn’t due to paint burnout. It was because he prefers to paint walls a color, and not the dove white I’ve chosen for the first floor.
  4. Bedroom Details. We’ve played with a few wall hangings above the bed and nothing has worked out quite right. So I’m eyeing our favorite Etsy shops to see some of their new pieces – maybe this one? Or these lovelies? We’ve also had curtains waiting to be taken to the seamstress before we can swap out the (very) heavy old ones and brighten it up a bit. The final details at the end of designing a room make the biggest difference!

What’s on your honey-do list? Share with us below or send us a dm @nixonpack. We’d love to help cheer you on!

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