Pack Punch List: February 15th

It’s been a while since we whipped out a Pack Punch List. Though if you follow along on stories, you might have noticed our whole life is a running punch list. Sometimes it’s still nice to jot it down. We wrapped Grey’s bathroom not long ago, and put the final touches on the guest suite just last weekend. So naturally, it would make sense to completely gut the master bath now that those two are done. #NonstopNixon is always living up to his hashtag! Here’s what we’re working on over the next few days:

  1. Master Bath – We’re past the demo stage (disaster zone!) and now it’s time to choose materials. Aside from the big reveal, it’s the very best part of the renovation, in my opinion. Though I wish we were designing for us, we are always thinking about resale. We’re on the hunt for hardware and tile in a bright, fresh palette, timeless style, clean lines, and a pop of whimsy.
  2. Deep Clean – My favorite tip when a part of your home is under construction is to deep clean the rest of it. That area can be tornado territory, but the rest of your house will be a zen zone. All of that dust and debris can start creeping into sister spaces and it starts to feel overwhelming, like the reno is taking over your life. It doesn’t have to. A little cleaning goes a long way, and makes the whole project feel more manageable.
  3. #RitzOnABudget – We’re working on finalizing the lighting and wallpaper selections for our new design client (whom we’ve affectionately tagged above) and we are *so* close to nailing the right combination. A few more tweaks and we’ll be able to get started transforming their first floor!
  4. Outdoor Cleanup. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but one of our wreaths is still up. And when I say “one of”, I mean the 6 foot Christmas wreath covered in blue balls that you couldn’t miss if you tried. So that sucker is coming down this weekend, along with some stray decorations that blew away…and a toilet sitting on our front porch (!!).
  5. Pierogi Party! It’s in our nature to get into a rhythm of work, and sometimes when you’re in that zone, it can be hard to break free. Luckily, we went to a church fundraiser a while back and stocked up on homemade pierogis. They’re taking up lotttts of space in the freezer so we sent a group text to the family and every single person replied yes! We can’t wait! Still don’t have a clue what to make for dessert so if you have a suggestion, we’d be so grateful for you to leave it in the comments below!

Happy Weekending! Be sure to tag us in your DIY’s so we can help cheer you on along the way! XO, Kaylea

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