Pack Punch List: December 15th

I was a day behind all week. So this Friday is long overdue and I refuse to let the weekend fly by. You too? We have a lot on the honey-do list and most of which involves the powder room refresh taking place on our main floor. But it’s the last weekend before Christmas and the only one we’ve shopped for is Grey, so…#sendhelp.

#NixonPack Honey-Do List for the weekend of December 15th:

→ Painting the half-bath cabinet to prep for the vanity top to be installed next week!

→ Arrival of the (ahhhmazing) sink for the vanity. You guys. Normally I take on the task of sourcing materials, but Jon surprised me with this one and I was wowed. Bowled over you could say. It will go perfectly with the Cambria Matte top we chose. Speaking of, one of their team members is stopping by today to do a final measurement.

→ DIY! If you follow us on social media, you may have seen a sneak peek at one of my vintage finds a few weeks back. We are finally getting around to doing a little nip tuck here and there to get it out of the garage and into the house. It’s an old office mail box from the 1950’s and it is H U G E. I have two spots I’m eyeing for it’s new home and I’ll need a little luck convincing the big guy on one of them.

→ Client Edits. It takes a while for a room to be done. There are so many finishing touches to layer in. Little things like rugs, throws, plants, baskets, knick knacks, flowers. You add a few things, take one away. Add some more. Until you find just the right spot, just the right f e e l. We have two clients we’re wrapping up soon and I’m hoping to put the last pieces of the puzzle in this weekend.

→ #NixonPack Christmas Card. We just got a flurry in the mail and I was like, shoot. We’re late. So thank goodness our talented friends Jake and Kristen are coming over because it’s going to take all that talent and even more patience to get all of us in one frame.

→ Surprise accent wall. I say surprise, because, well, I haven’t told Jon about it yet. I can see him rolling his eyes as he reads this in an hour. I found some incredible new inspo a few weeks back and I can’t stop thinking about it. It took me a day or two to come up with my own #NixonPack spin to make it our own and now the vision is ready. It will add so much texture, so much dimension to the wall in the sitting room. So, it’s happening. Heck, I may even start it without him. Follow along on instastories to see how it goes!

We’re also going to take a family drive through Lights on the Lake. I was holding out for snow because it just feels so much more festive and makes the twinkling lights that much more beautiful. What are you guys planning for the weekend?!


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