Pack Punch List: April 26th

Happy FriYAY, friend! Thank you for being here with us to ring in the weekend! We’re going through a bit of a cold snap for the next few days in CNY (read: snow) and with a lot of outdoor projects, we’re digging through the winter boxes for our coats again. Sigh. Here’s what we’re working on checking off this weekend! What about you? Share with us in the comments below!

Exterior Paint Touch Ups. After a long winter, we noticed that our siding paint is peeling away in a few spots. I used my handy dandy Color Snap tool from Sherwin Williams to match the hue, and we’re headed up on the ladder to freshen her up. Follow along in stories to see if the color will actually match – fingers crossed! PS – If you don’t have that fun little doohickey, peel off a piece (all they need is a thumbnail) and the Sherwin Team can give you an exact match!

Deck Stain. Darn you, harsh, unrelenting snow. The deck stain isn’t even a year old but we’re seeing some of the same issues as we mentioned above. We’re sticking with the Denim semi-transparent stain from Sherwin and I can’t wait to beautify the outdoor oasis. Maybe that will let Mother Nature know we’re ready for some alfresco dining.

Indoor Trim Touch-Ups. Oh look! More paint. Just when you think you’ve completed a task (switching the entire 4,000 square foot house from wood to white trim) you start to notice little marks here and there from the tiny human that inhabits it. For the small scuffs we are really digging the Magic Eraser, but it’s yet another coat of Extra White on the rest. NixonPack nugget: We love the look of a semi-gloss trim paint, but all of our professional painter friends recommend using satin.

Garage Clean-Out. After the “Inventory Reduction Sale” we hosted a few weeks back, it’s been looking a little sad in that space. And as easy as it is to just dance by it all on our way to the mudroom, peeling off $1 stickers from our shoes is getting old. It’s time to box the stragglers up to be donated and sweep out the debris.

Caulk. I feel like this one is the unsung hero of home projects. It’s such a small bead of goo that you apply and visually it makes such a big difference! We’re caulking the trim paint mentioned above (where it meets the wall and the floor), also in the kitchen where the backsplash meets the counter, and another tube where the grout has chipped away on the fireplace. Your local hardware store sells several varieties and colors, sanded, clear – it isn’t one size fits all. But the good news is it’s something any DIY’er can tackle and is an inexpensive fix to boot!

Bedding. Last but not least, a big clean of all the bedding in the house. I don’t know about you, but I have to schedule this on a day where I know we will be home for the duration because I can’t stand the stank smell of linens that have lingered too long waiting to be dried. We’re also going to vacuum the mattresses, swap out old pillows (where do those stains come from anyway?!), and hopefully find some missing socks under the bed.

I’m sure we’ll add as we go but those are the musts for this week’s List! What’s on yours??

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