Pack Punch List: April 12th

There are buds on the trees! I don’t know if it’s that fresh, springtime air, but I have been in the mood to take care of all the things I’ve let go over time. From paint touch-ups, organizing the pantry, heck even paperwork, it feels like the season to just make things right and start anew. Here’s what we’re hoping to cross off the Pack Punch List this weekend:

  1. The LAST OF THE WHITE TRIM! I had to with the caps. Because if you’ve been following along for, say the last year, we have been working on painting all of the dark (heavily wood stained craftsman trim work) to white! Had we known what a long, drawn out, tedious process it would be, I’m not sure we would have committed to it. That being said, the transformation is one of the most rewarding we’ve experienced. It’s like someone turned all the lights on in our home. Jon, you have more patience than you realize and you’re a wizard with the paintbrush. The mood is so much brighter. Two windows to go and we can finally call it a day!
  2. Curb Appeal Cleanup. I sent a flurry of panic texts to Jon the other day that someone had sideswiped my SUV. There was bright blue paint streaked along my driver’s side mirror. Naturally, I whipped out my phone for evidence shots and scoured the parking lot for teal colored cars. Guess who the culprit was? This gal right here. Because as I rolled up to our mailbox later on I noticed it was chipping quite a bit and made a mental note to re-paint. Then the aha came. So there’s that, plus getting the planters ready for flowers, raking the mulch beds and I offered to pay Grey 10 cents for every tree branch he helps throw over the bank. He demanded a quarter and I caved. Kid’s going to make a killing.
  3. Install a new hot water tank. The showers have been a little dicey lately and come to find out, one of our hot water tanks was on the fritz. Jon schlepped that bad boy down to the basement with his Dad a few weeks back and now he’s ready to get him hooked up!
  4. Stump Grinding. Last spring we hosted some fun guys’ weekends with my step-dad, brother, & grandpa, and together they downed about 20 massive trees in our backyard forest to make way for more room to expand the yard. We had big dreams of building a She-Shed, there were a few votes for a pool, and since we never really decided on a purpose, we kind of let it go for the time being and worked on other projects. We can’t look at the stumps much longer so it has finally found it’s place on the honey-do list.
  5. Laundry Room Refresh. I made a list (I know, another list, I can’t get enough of them) of all of the spots in our home that feel a little neglected and this was at the top. Between the mold spots in the washer (ick) and the long deceased stink bug in the corner, it’s time for a proper deep clean of the laundry room. I’m talking a good toothbrush scrub of the space, running the germ cycle, wiping down walls to floors. I’ll be sharing to stories to keep us accountable!

What’s on your Pack Punch List this weekend? We love to hear what projects you’re working on!

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