Pack Projects: Guest Bath Mood board

This might feel familiar, almost like I just shared a bathroom mood board. You’re not wrong. We’re doing two at once. The main floor half-bath is getting a refresh, and so is the guest bathroom downstairs (you might have seen Jon starting demo this week over on stories). Come to think of it; we’ve got two more to do upstairs – Grey’s bath and the (dun) ((dun)) (((dunnn))) master. WHY, you ask?! I’ll let you in on a little secret. If all the stars align, we’d like the option of listing this house in the spring. More on that another time. Here’s a look at some of the finishes we’re putting together for the guest suite:

Finishes. Brass is still having a moment, and I don’t think that’s going away anytime soon. I love the look of brushed in particular and how it can easily make a space feel more warm, and more chic. If you’re in the market for hardware, do your home a favor and take a look at Forge Hardware. So many stunning, handmade options. A better quality than your big box stores, and options your neighbor won’t have in their house. Browse their non-brass options too – like the wood pictured above (on trend for 2020)!

Flair. Another element we’re excited about is wallpaper. I know, you’ve been told not to do wallpaper in a bathroom. And the truth is, I wouldn’t in our master – I live for a long, steamy shower. But wallpaper has come such a long way; and in a guest bath you shouldn’t have overuse of the shower where it could cause peeling. You know your guests better than we do, though ;).

Favorite Touches. Something we’ve included in every guest suite is this monogrammed carafe. I love a piece that doubles down in design and function. Plus, a sweet little monogram never hurt anyone. And did you know there’s a thing call bath sheets?! I didn’t understand at first. But towels are no longer for me. Why have a regular old bath towel when you can have a sheet?! We found our favorites at Costco on the cheap and you’d never know it. They’re larger than an average towel, plush, luxurious, and an absolute must if you’re in the market.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to come over. We even cleaned the toilet for you and put out the good soap ;). You deserve it!

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