Pack Predictions: 2020 Home Design Trends

This is one of our favorite lists to put together each year. Maybe even more than our New Year resolutions. And when you think about it, they have a lot in common; you put it out there and don’t know if it’s going to stick. We hope a few of these do, because we are totally on board. Here are the trends you’ll start seeing more of in 2020:

Deconstructed Art. I am not one of those designers who knows everything there is to know about art. I actually don’t even know some of the technical things you probably should know; but I can spot the trends, and this is a big one. I’d imagine it to be pretty polarizing, but I have to tell you – I can’t take my eyes off of these. I think anything that sparks a conversation, and stands out from the crowd, is a piece we’d love to have in our home. Here are a few of our favorites we’ve seen so far:

Fruitful florals. Gone are the days you pick up a quick bouquet at the grocery store. Today’s trending arrangements have gotten even sweeter. Less perfection, more whimsy; and we’re here for it. Pro tip: If you have a Trader Joe’s in your neighborhood, they have the best prices on flowers, and even fun additions like you see below to make it wow.

More color, more fun. Neutrals will still have their place, but there will be more of an emphasis on moments of cheerful celebrations with bold pops of color! And who wouldn’t be excited about more cheer?! We were feeling this trend emerge as we started putting together our current home. You can see from the wall of juju hats we shared here, we are fully on board with this game-plan. When you couple it with white walls and calm furniture, the vignette can stand alone without competing with everything around it. Not ready for a rainbow wall? Add your favorite color in an accent pillow, or try the new Color of The Year in your bedroom – blue is said to be very calming (and you already know we’re big fans!).

Integrated Spaces. You might be thinking, oh, we’ve heard this before, it’s a new take on “open concept”. Not exactly. This isn’t so much about sight lines, and movement through the house. This is more about the way you live. So we’ve seen lamps popping up in kitchens for a warmer, homey feel. We’ve seen more USB ports strategically placed throughout the house. And back to the kitchen? It’s less about commercial grade appliances and more about feeling like an extension of your living room. Even backsplashes are getting a new look (gasp!). We’re seeing bead board all the way up, or intricate trim work in place of the ceramic tiles. Less cabinets, more hidden appliances. Slide out drawers for your dog’s food bowl, more booth seating, more function overall.

Designing for you, not the ‘gram. This is something we’ve become incredibly mindful about the past few months. You might have noticed a lot of the same color palette, the same light fixtures, the same overall aesthetic across the feeds of so many home bloggers. Truth be told, it led to a mass unfollowing of some of our used to be favorite accounts. Too much of the same doesn’t up-level anyone’s game. We’re hoping the New Year brings unique points of view, a fresh take on design, more personality and less wanting what everyone else has. It’s almost refreshing to stumble upon a feature you don’t like. It means someone is going out of the comfort zone and that’s where the fun is. We can’t wait to see what you try in 2020! Which trend was your favorite? We’d love to hear in the comments!

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