Pack Picks: Patio Season!

I know. It’s technically spring, though not feeling “spring-like” everywhere. But if we’ve learned anything sourcing home goods for all these years, it’s that the early bird does indeed get the worm. How many times have you thought, I’ll buy that pair of sandals when the snow is gone, only in some spots, the snow isn’t “gone” ’til May 😳. By then, all those Southerners have scooped them up and the last pair is most definitely not in your size. We’re not talking sandals today, but the message holds true for all the outdoor decor as well. Here are our 5 favorite outdoor living finds this week as we head into patio season:

5. Daydreaming on the loveliest, expandable (waterproof!) daybed.

For a while, wicker sets were having such a moment. We have them currently, and the material has weathered well. But the new look is more of an extension of what you’d find inside your home, and I have to say, it is just dreamy. Christopher Knight is a brand we go back to because they’ve never given us a reason to do otherwise. They make quality pieces that stand the test of time, and this one is no exception. The acacia wood is stunning, the material is waterproof, and the sofa expands to a daybed for afternoon naps. Not to mention, a fantastic price, glowing reviews, and free shipping 😍. (PS – it also comes in grey)

4. Anchor your space with a rug that doesn’t scream “outdoor only”.

What I love about this new trend of seeing outdoor spaces reflect interior decor, is that it creates such a beautiful flow between the two. Not only do you notice it aesthetically, but you feel it when you’re entertaining, or even just enjoying it day to day. Finding a rug like this one, that doesn’t throw out flags of “I’m made to weather the elements!”, but says it quietly, peacefully, is the goal. We’ve also seen some awesome options at Costco if you’re out for your weekly trip and want to take a peek!

3. Planters that POP.

They could have put a little more pizazz in the flowers on this one, amIright? But you don’t care about what’s planted until you do it yourself, because for now, it’s all about the planter. I love the personality, the size, the material they used – and with 5 ⭐️ reviews across the board, it’s a winner. This one screams luxe, modern, and an instant winner for curb appeal, or what we’ve been talking about above: design flowing freely inside & out.

2. Layer in the love.

This waterproof basket has been one of my favorite amazon finds. Can you believe this price? Baskets are a great way to add in layers and warmth (both inside and out). You can style it with cozy throw blankets for family game night (we love this one!), or have one handy to toss beach towels or gardening gloves into after a day out back.

1. Game Ready!

Of all the items on this list, these are my favorite. If the pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that we can create joyful moments out of the mundane. So on an average weeknight, to sit outside together and play a round or two of Tic Tac Toe, or this giant Checkers game, it makes it so special. It also serves the purpose of adding in layers of homeyness and decor, and makes entertaining that much more fun. PS – we own the TicTacToe & LOVE it – this price is the lowest it’s been all season.

Thank you for popping by our patio today. I wish I could offer you a glass of sweet tea! Never in my life had I tasted it, and now I am hooked, working on perfecting my recipe. Also, a few of the items we shared are from Overstock - we usually have extra coupons so let me know if you need one! Thank you for shopping our links. We are so grateful for your support of NixonPack!

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