Pack Picks: Map Out Your Master

The master suite is actually the last room we design in each house. We thought it was just us, but surprisingly, that’s the case for many. And maybe it’s not surprising at all given how much we devote to others; our kids, our family, work…we’re at the bottom of the barrel. But given that a lot of our friends have declared 2020 to be the year that they start filling up their own cup again; we think design-wise, it starts in your bedroom. Here are some of our must-haves to make this sacred space your haven:

  1. Luxe Bedding for Less. If you can only make one tweak, let it be this one. Having an inviting bed after a long day is something you’ll truly relish crawling into. And if you’re spending 7-9 hours (yes, please!) in one spot, it should be the coziest. We’ve tried every kind of sheets and these have been the clear winner in the long haul. Not only do they hold up well to frequent washing (we sleep with three rescue pups), they actually get better with time. If you’re not ready to spring for new sheets, please do something for you and grab these silk pillowcases. They have made a massive difference in the way my face looks in the morning (no pillow crease and puffiness!), and it helps give you a head start on great next day hair. I even ordered a second pair for when we travel if that tells you how good they are.
  2. Statement Bed. This one may not help with sleep, but it certainly is the cornerstone of what we talked about in the intro re: designing your master. We get questions about this bed every. single. day. And when One King’s Lane was kind enough to feature our master (in an effort to showcase the art and the light), all anyone wanted to know about was this bed. We had her made through Eclectic Goods and I can’t tell you how much I am grateful we found the one. Here’s the bed we had in our last house (and sold to the new owner) – I’d buy it again in a New York minute!
  3. End Tables. The second most asked question in the One King’s Lane feature were our end tables. For these, I really did scour every site and go to the ends of the earth and back again. We wanted something girthy enough to hold substantial lamps, books, water and the like, without looking cluttered. We also knew we wanted mixed materials, and it had to be both chic and timeless. I am on a huge acrylic kick right now, but only wanted that to be a small element of the table. These could work in any space and I know they’ll be something we can bring house to house and find a perfect place for.
  4. Desk. Speaking of reducing visual clutter with adding acrylic into the mix, there is a must-have desk you need to see. We bought this one a few years back; have used it as a console table, an actual desk, and an entry table and have loved it equally in every space. It’s multi-purpose, incredibly chic, and something that will stand the test of time.
  5. Rugs. This is a tricky purchase for many, especially when ordering over the internet. We’re here to help. As we mentioned above, we’re the proud fur-parents of a pack of rescue pups and that also means we’ve gone through our fair share of rugs. Jute is always a great material to layer into your space. It adds an element of nature, and helps to ground your pieces and bring everything together. This one is a favorite, but you may not love the way it feels on your feet stepping out of bed in the morning, which is why we recommend adding in one of these next to each side (we love these because they’re washable!).
  6. Chandelier. Here’s your chance to add a little romance to the room. When we first set eyes on this beauty, we were instantly enamored. She really shimmers in the daytime, but at night, the layers of shadows on the ceiling are oh so pretty. We love the calming blue hues, the playful wood beads, and the touch of whimsy to the space. It plays off the tones of the art over our bed perfectly!
  7. Mirror Mirror. The mirrors above our side tables were Home Goods Finds. And while they check they box, they don’t really pop. If I could swap them (and help design your space), I’d choose something like this (LOVE the shape!), or this. For your full length mirror – every master needs one – this one is a dream!
  8. Bedside Lamps. Home Goods is a great place to peruse for these, but if you don’t have one nearby, or would rather go for a sure-bet, we are loving these two options: brushed brass beauty, clean lined & lovely.
  9. Curtain Call. We stumbled upon these faux-silk drapes a few homes back and I have used them in not only our personal bedrooms, but all of our projects as well. I cannot get over the quality for the price, love that they serve as true blackout curtains, and they come in several gorgeous colors as well!

See something we didn’t cover? We’re happy to help source something special for your space. Send us a note below!

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