Pack Picks: Kitchen Five-Star Favorites

This is by far the place in our home getting the most use, and appreciation, during the pandemic. So it felt like the right time to share our kitchen must-haves, and new favorite finds since we’ve been making 9,836,110,352 meals here and will continue to for the foreseeable future:

5. Don’t let another Taco Tuesday crunch by without one of these. You know that saying, you eat with your eyes first? This colorful taco holder is fun, functional, and makes taco night a lot less messy. Don’t forget to clip the coupon before you check out!

4. Where has this been all my life? We have a couple of large colanders but they take up so much space, and it doesn’t have to be this way. How much easier is this doohickey?!

3. These are REAL. And I know you’re with me on this – going to the grocery store these days is a feat in and of itself, coupled with the arm and a leg we spend on fresh produce; to throw them out because they spoiled early brings physical pain. Try these liners- five stars! ⭐️

2. This stretch at home has caused us to educate ourselves in so many ways, and strive to do better in different sectors of our lives that weren’t getting as much attention as before. One of those is taking a hard look at our impact on the environment. Jon pointed out to me a few weeks back that our garbage can seems to be more full than the neighbors week after week. 😳 Why though? We stopped using plastic water bottles way back. But there is a long way to go. Maybe it’s the paper towels? Or the single use paper plates? Snack bags? Here are some of the latest switches we’ve made:

  • The reason we like these is because they are leak-proof, are BPA-free, and don’t forget to clip the coupon for 5% off!
  • This one took more getting used to. There is something so satisfying about wiping down the counters with a paper towel and throwing it away. But alas, no bueno for Mama Earth. These on the other hand, make her smile.
  1. If you want to feel better about the chaos taking place in the rest of your life, organize your pantry. I know. It sounds ridiculous. But I’ve found that taking control of things that are actually within my control, helps me better let go of things that aren’t. And you’re a smart cookie, I know you’ve read the studies about clean spaces proving to be good for mental health, creativity, even sleep! The teal is clearly my jam, but they come in other colors, and also have a coupon to check for more savings!
Thank you for joining us in the kitchen! Next time, I'll bake. Oh, and a necessary disclaimer: Amazon was kind enough to give us a teeny tiny corner of their shop so that #NixonPack could share favorite finds and sometimes make a small commission if you buy something. We are so grateful for any way you support our family business - and you being here does just that! THANK YOU!

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