Pack Picks: Kid-Approved Amazon Favorites

Since summer vacation started at the beginning of March 😳, we are needing a refresh for the actual summer vacation that just began. Here are some of the activities we have been loving to keep your littles entertained and engaged (with a little education thrown in, too). Hands up if mom and dad need a break 🙋🏼‍♀️.

In or out?

Whether you’re like us with a postage stamp in the city, or if you’re sitting on seven acres; I think we can all agree that spending time outside makes the day so much better for all of us. These picks work if you’re stuck inside, and are even more fun when you take them out.

Pogo Jumper – Santa left this under the tree last Christmas, and while it is so fun to play indoors; it is way better to jump down the block and crash through the finish line ribbon!
These Aqua Magic Mats are so much fun. Another Santa surprise and something that can be indoor/ outdoor with no mess. I was originally hesitant thinking it might skew young, but these are fun to practice letters and drawing skills for all ages.
By far my favorite activity in Grey’s playroom and the one thing that will keep him occupied the longest without needing mom or dad to be a playmate. We recently brought them out while he was in the play pool and he thoroughly enjoyed making castles in the water.

Pack a Picnic!

Sometimes just the act of changing up your usual haunts is enough of a day-maker. But then add in a couple of these and it becomes a real adventure.

This pop-up tent is so easy to open and close. We love the UV protection, and that all of us can fit underneath. Plus, it makes your date feel that much more special and keeps your food (and body) out of the hot sun.
A Sensory Scavenger Hunt is such a unique way to bring awareness to all five senses and practice the art of really being mindful in the moment.

Summer School

Have you read Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother? (It is excellent by the way, and I highly recommend.) I have those tendencies. Grey is so smart and I want to keep him on the right track, but before I do “school” in the summer, I always check in and make sure it’s the right space for it. Am I feeling calm and patient? Is he excited and on board? Yes to both? Good; let’s plan for a lesson or two, then get back to the fun. For us, setting aside time each day for workbooks, or writing letters to friends is the best kind of low energy break we need. He thrives on learning something new and it is so rewarding to watch him grow!

We love all things Highlights. This workbook makes learning so much fun, and they have them for all ages and stages!
Did you do Brain Quests when you were younger? I remember them fondly. I just ordered this one for Grey and can’t wait to play!
My Mom sent this to us at the beginning of quarantine and it was the most wonderful way to have fun in the kitchen and incorporate STEAM projects and learning.

I hope at least one of the items on our list is new to you and gives you something exciting to look forward to doing with your little one. We need variety more than they do, in my opinion. It absolutely helps me stay engaged and present when we change it up. We’d love to hear your recommendations in the comments below! Thank you for being here with us, and shopping through our amazon shop. Sometimes we make a small commission and it helps us try something new to share with you next time. Happy playtime!

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