Pack Picks: Holiday Inspo

Much like politics, religion, and a host of other hotly debatable topics comes the polarizing question of “When do you decorate for Christmas?”. We asked on instagram and the vote was split right down the middle. Friends were fierce in their rationale on both sides. Not to play politician, but we can totally see the point of waiting for Turkey Day celebrations, and also the fun of eeking out every last second of the magic of Christmas! For us, we get too excited to wait. And after my grandparents died, Thanksgiving isn’t what it used to be. We like seeing those twinkly lights just a little bit longer. Here are some stunning holiday spreads we are eyeing this season:

Neutral’s on the Nice List. Each season brings a new “look” to the forefront. Last year there was a ton of farmhouse, and we are certainly still seeing that again. But what we are really digging is all the greenery being showcased as the standalone star. Bonus points for this asymmetrical look pulled off beautifully by Francois et Moi.

This one you may have seen reposted several times and for good reason. Elegant, classic, and oh so pretty. We’re seeing a lot of blush tones this season and it feels like the perfect combination of delicate and delightful!

Hygge Home. This look just makes me want to turn on the Hallmark channel and curl up with some hot cocoa. (Too bad we nixed cable). The Scandinavian led minimalist movement with a cozy take on all things hygge is still a warmly embraced design trend and one that we are all in on.

image via Stone Gable
image via Stone Roses

Another hygge look and Christmas decor simplified. No fancy ornaments or plush tree skirt. I love that the beauty of the fresh branches are allowed to shine through.

Full on Glam. And in stark contrast to the previous trend, prepare your eyes for all. the. glitz. The funny thing about decor is, each house asks for something different. Just like you wouldn’t force your tomboy into a ball gown, your Scandi abode wouldn’t want glitter sprayed everywhere. Our last house in the forest was begging for simple branches, not too much sparkle. But for our home in the city with the soaring ceilings and intricate molding, we couldn’t pull off the twiggy trees again this year.

image via decoomo

Would it be okay if we left this up all year? I keep coming back to this pin and it is a j a w d r o p p e r. Thinking about recreating this in our entry!

image via pottery barn

So which look is for you this holiday season? We can’t wait to see how your family celebrates! No matter which style you showcase, there is no denying the magic that these next few months will bring. Need more inspiration? We’ve pinned a bunch of our favorites, here. Happy decorating, friends!

PS – Looking for a flocked tree like the one we have in our entry? It’s on sale!

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