Pack Picks: Hardware Help & how-To

First Step: do not get your hardware from a big box store if you can help it. Why? Because they lack personality. Everyone will have the same look in their kitchen. And it’s way more fun to support small shops with far greater quality for the same price (or less!). Here are a few we’re loving:

Sassy Brass. Brass had a big moment…and then it stayed. This is a trend we don’t see going anywhere and we love the texture of this option by one of our very favorites, Forge Hardware. These would be fantastic in a kitchen, but they would really add some wow to a dresser re-do, don’t you think?

Good with Wood. You might be sensing a hot spot for texture. YES. The more layers you add, the more luxe it will feel. We chose a similar style to these for our kitchen because of the way the wood helps warm up an otherwise surgical-type space.

Better with Leather. I snuck these in to our last bathroom renovation; and while Jon started out skeptical, he quickly came on board when he saw how much they elevated a simple painted vanity. Bonus points for choosing a color! That pale blonde is dreamy.

Now. How to install them properly? If possible, avoid changing the size. Sure, you could go the whole wood putty route, but unless you do it perfectly, you can see a bulge up close. Measure twice before you order and if you’re installing on new cabinets, our favorite hack is to place painters tape on the door so you can see the scale and different sizing options to choose the best option.

Happy Hardware-ing!

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