Pack Picks: Cleaning Must-Haves for your Home

We’ve never had a cleaning crew. Just us. And it definitely could be because we’re cheap 😆; but it could also be because we’re both Type A neat freaks, and dare I say we actually find enjoyment in the process of cleaning our house. Here are the must-haves in our arsenal:

Eufy. Since we spent dozens of years as the proud parents of five rescue dogs, we have also become self-proclaimed vacuum experts. We’ve owned every kind of Dyson, Shark, iRobot, the deal of the week at Costco and then some. It has been a graveyard of vacuums in casa de Nixon. The one that has fared best in our home has without a doubt been this one. I love that you can set him up to run at the same time every day, he learns the house (read: will not fall down the stairs without you remembering to block it), connects to your wifi, and works far better than the iRobot for a fraction of the price.

Bye, Windex! If only one thing speaks to you on this list, let it be this one. These have been an actual game changer for us. We have a ton of mirrors in our home (our favorite design trick for adding light to a space), and with the above mentioned dogs and our sticky-fingered tiny human, they are constantly covered in unidentified goo. I cannot sing the praises loud enough for these cloths (a stocking stuffer from my mom that was my actual favorite Christmas gift). No streaks. Brilliant shine. THE BEST. And works on windows too!

Wash the washer. Isn’t it funny when the thing that is an actual cleaning machine needs cleaning? It really does though. Especially when it starts getting that mildewy stench. We use these once a month and haven’t had to worry about the smell, or those nasty black mold spots you get after a while. Plus, thousands of five star reviews don’t lie!

What does “Descale Your Keurig” mean anyway?! When your coffee isn’t tasting as fresh as it used to, I’d be willing to bet it isn’t the pods, but the actual coffee maker. Especially if you’ve been having more cups at home in quarantine; it’s probably time to descale your Keurig. All you have to do is take out the pod, place a large bowl underneath, and continually run the hot water option until the water that comes out is clear, and not yellow. That’s it!

Our Five Star Favorites. If I could give five stars to everything in this post, I would. I really need to get better about publishing reviews. Are you good at that? These are our favorite leather wipes for sofas and chairs (and your car seats too!). THIS is the best wood cleaner/ conditioner we’ve found. And if I had to choose one cleaning tool I couldn’t live without, it’d be this (best, deep clean with wet dog paws, dirty shoes, and all the other gunk).

Looking for more cleaning tips? We’ve shared some here and here! We’d love to hear your favorites, too! Share with the Pack below!

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