Pack Picks: Christmas 2020 Gift Ideas

If you haven’t found the perfect gift for everyone on your list, I’m pretty confident at least one of the items below will pan out. Everything you see in this post is something we personally own and love, or have given to a friend or family member with rave reviews. Let’s get gifting:

For Kids.

Buying for kids has always been a tough one for me (both before we had Grey, and even now buying for other peoples kids). You don’t want to buy something they already have, or a popular toy that someone else has likely gifted them this season. Here are some oddball ideas that should be the perfect mix of unique and exciting:

  1. Custom Photo Jigsaw Puzzle. I love this small mama-maker shop on Etsy and she does a phenomenal job on these custom puzzles! We ordered one for Grey’s bestie for her birthday and it was so fun to choose a cute photo of them and a quote about friendship. Kids love puzzles and parents love the quiet time it takes for them to put it together 😉.
  2. Flashing Cube Memory Game. This is a great toy to keep kids busy for hours! It doesn’t take up a lot of space and they can switch games on the cube when they get bored with one. A big bang for your buck!
  3. Scratch Paper Art Set. You can never go wrong with art supplies! It’s gender neutral and you can never have too many at home. This one is fun because it comes with different stencils, ribbons, cutouts, and the quality feels more expensive than it actually is!
  4. Cardboard Playhouse. This is my favorite item on the list and a huge hit with Grey for 2 years running. They make these cardboard houses in all different themes and it is so much fun for kids to decorate them, then use their imagination to play inside! It has a wow factor, and folds down easily so mom and dad don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space!
  5. Room Projector. A close second is this incredible night light/ projector for their room. You can change it to seven different scenes and it is so much fun for them to make their room a cozy, special place!

For Him.

Jon contributed heavily to this section because if I said buying for kids is hard, buying for men is even harder! Don’t you feel like once you hit adulthood you buy everything you need when you need it? It’s next to impossible to surprise someone with something they actually want and will use. He promises there’s a gem or two in this roundup:

  1. Personalized Leather Toiletry Bag. This idea actually came from my stepdad years ago and I love the idea of not only having this beautiful bag made for the guy in your life, but also filling it with anything they need for a trip. Bonus points if you attach a certificate for a weekend getaway at a cozy airbnb!
  2. Charging Station for All Devices. Jon has two of these – one in his office, and one on his side of the bathroom. They are inexpensive, but awesome, and charge your AirPods, phone, and watch all in one spot.
  3. Watch Band. Speaking of, if your guy has an Apple Watch, chances are he hasn’t changed the band from the basic one that comes with it. This is a terrific upgrade and swaps it from sporty to stud-like for date night.
  4. Sonos Speakers. If Jon could pick a favorite item in the house, I’d bet he’d say these speakers. You can control them from your voice, or the app, and they make any event (even cleaning the house) more fun. We all enjoy them, but the guys have fun setting them up (and playing DJ).
  5. Peel Pads. I know you’re probably thinking I put these in the wrong category – but they are right where they belong! I bought these a year ago because Jon was having some dry patches and they have quite literally transformed his skin. It’s not something they will buy themselves, and everyone deserves a little self-care!

For Her.

This one feels a little bit easier. Because we don’t indulge in gift-y things for ourselves, we spoil everyone else. So here are some luxe for less ideas for the ladies in your life, or for you – you deserve it!

  1. Glass Teapot & Infuser. Made by a small shop and sold on Amazon, less than $25 and a bestseller!
  2. Silk Pillowcases. If you’re a regular reader of Sunday Scrolls, you know I mention these quite often. They’re amazing for your skin, your hair (mine has been SO much less frizzy since these came along), and better sleep!
  3. Makeup Organizer. I used to have my day to day makeup in a random bag caked in cracked eyeshadow for as long as I can remember. But this. This! It’s a life changer. Everything is right where I can see it and I swear it cuts down time getting ready every morning. Plus, it looks pretty and organized on the counter.
  4. Robes for Life. This one is a bit of a splurge. But I have to tell you, it feels like it. It is the best thing I’ve ever put on my body and is so hard to take off in the morning when it’s time to put on real clothes 😆.
  5. Snuggly Slippers. One can never have too many pairs of slippers. And I guarantee she doesn’t have these! They are affordable, adorable, and amazing. Bonus: they even hold up well in the wash, which I found out after I wore these outside to pick up after the dogs 😳.

For Them.

Parents, in-laws, your favorite couple down the street. Here are our award-winning finds for them!

  1. Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame. We got this a couple of years ago for Jon’s parents and it was a big hit. Especially with family in another state, it’s a fun way to share moments from your day straight to their countertop!
  2. Acrylic Square Frames. I’m not huge on photos all around the house. But I do love little moments of them here and there. Acrylic is on trend for home decor, and these are 4×4 which is the perfect size to print a few of their best instagram shots and frame them!
  3. Southside Market & BBQ. It feels kind of funny for a vegan to add this to her gift list, but Jon has declared this is the best brisket he has ever tried. We’ve sent it nationwide for get well gifts, Christmas, birthdays, you name it! Everyone seems to agree with him so if you have some carnivores in your family – you’ll be a hero with this one!
  4. Ooni Pizza Pro. If your budget allows, here it is – the gold standard of family gifts. I cannot tell you how often we use this, though if you follow us on the ‘gram, you probably already know! Not only does it produce the most delicious wood-fired pizzas, but it is the most fun family activity to create an event around it!
Thank you for shopping with us today! We are so grateful for your support over here in our cozy corner of the internet. These gifts are all great, but in our opinion, nothing beats telling someone how you really feel about them. It's harder to do in person this year, but even a handwritten card (not just the tiny slip of paper you get to send via an amazon gift) is the love language that goes the extra mile. We 💙 you!

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