#NixonPack Summer Bucket List 2020

Call it a bucket list, a joy journal, a memory-making manual; whatever you name it, let’s cross off every single item, shall we? Because of all the summers to find fun again, this is the one where we really need it. Here’s what we’re planning over the next few months for the Pack:

Kids don’t remember their best day of television.

  1. Walk to the library twice a week & take out 10 new books each time (Grey). Two each week for Mom 😉.
  2. Take the training wheels off and master the bike!
  3. Pick up trash at the beach.
  4. Take three new Skillshare courses.
  5. Go on a family neighborhood walk every night; rain or shine.
  6. Try one new restaurant a month.
  7. Take a family vacation!
  8. Start going to church again.
  9. Pack a dinner picnic for the park.
  10. Wake up early to walk to Lake Michigan in time to see the sunrise, then celebrate with donuts.
  11. Find a vegan ice cream shop.
  12. Take a boat ride…or two!
  13. Visit Door County in WI for a day trip.
  14. Send a letter (or Grey’s art) to a family member once a week.
  15. Support local businesses whenever possible.
  16. Walk downtown and play tourists for the day.
  17. Make new friends.
  18. Bake cookies for our neighbors.
  19. Research & donate to a new-to-us charity.
  20. Focus on feeling each moment together; as present as possible.

Everything good, everything magical, happens between the months of June and August.

Jenny Han

So that’s the plan. I had this aha moment after I quit complaining about all of the negative things that happened as a result of Covid; we will never get this time again. I may never get another summer at home every day with Grey. We may never have another stretch like this where our blessings abound; in this moment we are safe, able-bodied, financially stable, and filled so high to the brim with gratitude and love that our cups runneth over. I can’t wait to celebrate each day with my people!

Now it’s your turn, please! What’s on your summer bucket list?

If you want to see other lists we’ve made in the past you can see those here and here.

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