#NixonPack Shop: Last Minute Tried & Trues

When you’re this late in the gift game, Amazon comes in for the win! And we feel so grateful to have a tiny corner of that shopping giant for our NixonPack shop. It’s a collection of only the items we’ve used ourselves, or have installed in client projects. That way, you’re only getting our thumbs up for the things we really love. If you have a few more gifts to buy, we know these will do the trick!

With a house full of rescue dogs and a tornado toddler; a good vacuum is a must. We have tried them all from the Dyson Pet to the iRobot and most recently, this one. We’ve had Eufy for 6 months and he is by far the best we’ve had. He’s a fraction of the cost of the iRobot, cleans so much better, and you can connect him to wifi to run on your schedule. He also has a remote control that our son loves!

This blowdryer has been a game changer. I have fine hair, but a lot of it, so I need help in the volume department. This one checks that box, is super affordable, and saves time.

If you don’t want to listen to us, at least listen to Oprah. She mentioned on stories that she sprinkles this on every meal; and you know what they say, what Oprah touches turns to…truffle. This could be a fun addition to a gift basket, or a new pantry staple for your own home.

This would make a fun & thoughtful gift for a neighbor or friend. Bonus points if you attach your favorite baked donut recipe (here’s ours!), and even more for including a fresh batch!

A few Christmases ago, we bought this pasta maker for a family gift and we are still using and loving it to this day. We truly enjoy cooking together as a family! So for this Christmas, Jon and I scored this pizza oven on Black Friday (look at all those five star reviews!), and can’t wait to surprise Grey with cooking homemade Christmas Eve pizzas together on the roof deck!

Anything else you’d add to the list? See the rest of our favorites, here!

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