#NixonPack Nice List: Top Picks for Spring Spaces

We hit 60 today and I feel like that is permission enough to make those spring swaps we’ve all been craving. Remember when I tried to install a swoosh of teal flowers on our front door in January? That definitely fell under the category of #toosoon. But April? I can practically smell the fresh cut grass and whispers of lavender. Here are some other ways to usher in the new season in style:

  1. Have you gotten sick of me waxing poetic about curb appeal yet? I know. I talk about it ad nauseam. But it’s one of those things that is *always* worth spending a little time and money on. Even if you’re not thinking of selling. Even if you’re not the homeowner and you’re renting. Even if your partner says it’s good enough as is. I promise, it makes all the difference to you, your guests, and the energy around your home. A new wreath will be joy-inducing, and who doesn’t love peonies?
  2. Since we’re on the subject of first impressions…you know when you walk in the front door and you see the same standard staircase you’ve seen in a bajillion other houses and it just feels…vanilla? Spring calls for a change and I’m dreaming about this! Bonus: easily removable!
  3. While we’re still in the foyer – can we swap out the tired winter doormats for something fresh and exciting? Loving all things jute with a splash of saturated color! Another favorite, here. If you have the space for it, try a new shape – an unexpected surprise!
  4. This entire outdoor lookbook had me swooning, but this went in my cart immediately. They’d look adorable on the front porch grouped together, or even indoors in front of the fireplace. Remember, ferns are the must-have plant in 2019 and we’ve seen them popping up at all the local greenhouses.
  5. Last but not least, one of the easiest (and least expensive) swaps you can make are your accent pillows. I know ours are looking a little worse for wear and lately I’ve had my eye on these that keep popping up on our instagram feed. I can’t get enough of animal print everything and these antelope linen covers are light enough for spring vibes, just enough trend to add something new, and would go with any neutral decor!

What spring swaps are you making in your home? Share with the Pack below!

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